Coral Springs Students Show Support for Hospital Heroes

Students writing and decorating cards for hospital heroes.

Last month, students at the Xceed Preparatory Academy-Coral Springs campus created dozens of “hospital hero” and get well cards for staff and patients at the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital.

Head of School Tracy Smith dropped the cards off along with 150 toys her family’s non-profit, Smith Smiles, donated to the hospital on Veteran’s Day.

When asked why they felt it was important to participate in this campus-wide activity, Coral Springs students had a variety of reasons. Virginia noted that, “It is nice to know that someone appreciates what you are doing,” while Rima shared, “I wanted to help out to show my concern and gratitude towards all the hard working doctors out there.”

Cassie, another Coral Springs student, enjoyed the activity itself, saying, “I did it because it was fun! I was able to use my creativity in different ways.”

Letters on the wall at the hospital.

We are so proud of our students and Mrs. Smith for serving their community. And, with Xceed’s flexible model of education, students don’t feel rushed or pushed into volunteering–they were able to work on the cards at times that worked best for their schedule.

“The students at Xceed, Coral Springs, have incredibly giving personalities. It always impresses me how much they enjoy doing things for others and go above and beyond with their families to support their community,” shared Mrs. Smith.

“The response we received from the hospital was incredibly sincere and grateful.” 

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