Online Tutoring

Tutoring improves academic performance, boosts student confidence, and provides a personalized learning experience through one-on-one attention. At Xceed, students have the unique opportunity to work with professional tutors at no cost throughout middle and high school. This additional layer of support empowers students to become self-advocators who are in the driver’s seat of their learning journey.

How it Works

When students have a question, feel stuck, or want to boost their grades in a certain subject area, they can reach out to a tutor via Revolution Prep. This service is completely free and available to all Xceed students. Students simply log in, choose a time that works best for them, and schedule an appointment with a tutor. Tutoring sessions are conducted via Zoom and typically last 30 minutes to an hour. 

Key Benefits

  • Lower student stress – Students know they have access to the support they need to succeed with challenging coursework.
  • Lower family stress – Parents can focus on quality time with their child and worry less about helping with schoolwork.
  • Improved scores – Students who take advantage of tutoring receive higher scores on graded assignments.
  • Increased confidence – As students collaborate with tutors, they embrace a growth mindset by seeing their academic capabilities grow.

Online Tutoring FAQ

Tutoring is available in nearly every subject area taught at Xceed. Highly niche courses, such as AP Art, may be exceptions.

Xceed teachers are always willing to help their students and answer questions about assignments, but they’re not available 24/7. Students can get support from a tutor at a time that is convenient for them — even late at night.

Revolution Prep is a hub of expert tutors — the very best in the country — who have dedicated their careers to helping students and families thrive.

Students can expect to experience better performance in their classes, a stronger sense of self-confidence, and lower stress levels around schoolwork. They may also be able to finish courses sooner or earn extra credit for utilizing tutoring services.

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