Middle School

Xceed Anywhere students are motivated, independent learners who want to benefit from an excellent college preparatory education but also want the flexibility of a virtual school. Our accredited online learning community includes programs for grades 6-12.

Online Middle School For Grades 6-8

Xceed Anywhere middle school students build a solid academic foundation through challenging coursework, develop analysis and synthesis skills, and mature in the ways they manage their time, organize their work, and communicate. Xceed teachers and staff members recognize that students in grades 6-8 are not only increasing in their ability to understand abstract concepts but also are encourage them to become more independent and self-sufficient.

Middle School: How It Works

Each student must successfully complete three years of language arts, three years of mathematics, three years of science, and three years of social studies. Regular and advanced academic tracks are offered to middle school students. Students who excel in math and/or science may be eligible to take high school courses and therefore earn high school credits while in middle school.

Middle school students may also take various art and music electives and develop leadership skills by becoming involved in the Student Council. 

Parents are provided with a pace chart that allows them to see the scope and sequence of the topics that will be covered in each course as well as when assignments are due. Middle school students should plan on working on course work about 25-30 hours each week when taking 5-6 courses simultaneously. Students are required to check in weekly with each subject area teacher; however, students frequently meet with teachers more often depending on their needs, course schedule, and involvement with peer group sessions.

Materials needed for Xceed Anywhere Middle School Students: