Xceed Has Allowed the Fisher Family to Thrive in School and at Home

Eighteen years ago, Angela Fisher became involved with the Unicorn Children’s Foundation, which helps kids and young adults with developmental differences and their families navigate their journey from cradle to career. She first began as a committee member, moved to board member, and is finishing her second year as president.

As fate would have it her son Colin was diagnosed with ADHD and a learning process disorder accompanied with severe anxiety.

Fast forward 17 years, and Colin is now in high school, and his sister Breann is in middle school. Colin and his sister both started in the public school district, but when COVID hit, Angela felt they needed a change.

“The public school environment just wasn’t working out for either of them,” Angela shared. “I decided to look at private schools and that’s when I found Xceed.”

“Colin has a panic disorder and attending a large public school was difficult,” said Angela. “He struggled with getting up in the morning. The mental manifested into the physical and he would get sick and miss a lot of school. Xceed gives him the flexibility to be either virtual or in-person.”

That flexible education model initially convinced Angela to enroll Colin and Breann at Xceed. What made it a truly great fit was the environment that welcomed neurotypical and neurodiverse students. This meant that both students could attend and thrive.

“They love it,” said Angela. “There’s a personalized learning plan for both. Colin has his Individualized Education Program specific to his learning needs and Breann can take high school courses while still in middle school.”

Xceed’s flexibility has allowed Colin and Breann to excel academically and personally.  

“During COVID, Breann began noticing a passion for music and the arts,” said Angela. “She is also on the Unicorn Children’s Foundation junior board, loves to travel and go to festivals, and takes drum and guitar lessons.”

“Colin has been pursuing culinary. He seems to have a passion for cooking and baking,” she shared. “He also earned his industry-standard certifications through Unicorn Children’s Foundation to be a barista at our Special Perks Café.”

The Fisher family has also found that Xceed’s hybrid approach has allowed them to spend more time together as a family. Something they have learned is very precious.

“During the pandemic, my dad passed away,” Angela shared. “We moved my mom in with us and learned that she has mild dementia. Colin and Breann feel the need to look after grandma when I’m in the office. It works out great. When I can’t be home, they are, and they’re at school when I’m home.”

“Tomorrow is never promised. Colin and Breann want to cherish that time we have together,” she said.

Angela and her children have found their time at Xceed to have been an exceptional experience. So much so that they would recommend it to any parent, whether their student needs a little extra help, a flexible schedule, a smaller school size, or a more individualized approach.

“I have already told several parents to set up an appointment and go check Xceed out because you’ll be blown away,” Angela said.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Xceed’s educational model can meet your child’s needs, check out the rest of our site or schedule a tour.