2023 Seniors Reflect on Their Growth at Xceed

A lot of change is about to happen for our class of 2023 seniors and we couldn’t be more excited for them. We wanted to savor these last moments with them by having them reflect on their journey at Xceed.

Our 39 graduating seniors from our Coral Springs, Kendall and Weston campuses, as well as the Xceed Preparatory Virtual School shared how they have grown since first enrolling at Xceed.

Many students such as Kendall senior Nicholas Jalkower noted how Xceed has helped prepare them for the next stage of their careers.

“Xceed has helped me become more independent and reliable with my studies,” he said.

Nicholas is attending Miami Dade College and then Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University where he will study to become a pilot.

Similar to Nicholas, Maria Cedeno, a student from Xceed’s Virtual School, and John (Jake) Manelas from the Weston campus, also felt that Xceed has helped them become better students.

“It has helped me be more independent when it comes to do doing my work,” Maria said.

Maria plans to bring her academic independency to college where she will study Criminology.

Jake stated, “It has helped me to have patience with my studies. I feel it has given me the proper tools to study better and has helped prepare me for college.”

Jake plans to go to college and pursue his passion of playing golf.

Rom Gonik is another student-athlete who felt that Xceed helped him balance his studies with his sport. Rom first enrolled in Xceed with the hopes of finding a school that would allow him the flexibility to pursue his high school studies without compromising his goal of becoming a professional tennis player. Aside from allowing him to do this, Xceed has helped grow Rom’s time management skills.

“It helped me plan my schedule better and be more responsible,” Rom said.

Rom is now set to continue both academics and tennis as a Division I student-athlete.

For students who are not student-athletes, but who still sought a more personalized high school experience, Xceed has helped propel them to the finish line.

Avi Wise and Eduardo Fernandez are students who now have the confidence and skills to pursue unique routes in their careers following graduation. Avi is set to take a gap year to travel to Israel and Eduardo plans to travel and invest his time in exploring, learning and participating in new activities as he prepares and plans for college next year.

“Coming from years of homeschooling, the flexibility and access to teachers in such a critical time as a senior year was the perfect fit for preparing for my next phase,” Eduardo, a Kendall senior, said.

We are so proud of all our seniors and can’t wait to see how they utilize the growth they gained from their time at Xceed!