Xceed Isn’t Like Other Middle or High Schools in Weston

Families looking for better middle or high schools in Weston, FL often find Xceed Preparatory Academy (XPA) after a frustrating experience in a school that doesn’t get them or their needs. Our veteran educators built XPA (grades 6-12) from the ground up to be a place that prioritizes the schedule flexibility families value, and the individualized learning that every student needs.

If you want a better school option that is fully accredited (COGNIA) but doesn’t buy into the one-size-must-fit-everyone education model, read more about our approach and then come for a tour. And, don’t leave today without a copy of our Parent Info Packet. It has all the essential things that make us a truly unique and compelling choice for students who thrive at Xceed Preparatory Academy. 

Neighborhoods We Serve at Our Weston Campus

Southwest Ranches
Pembroke Pines
And more…

The Weston campus of Xceed Preparatory Academy actually serves a wide list of local communities. We attract families that are looking for the personalized approach to education we take, and our campus is very convenient and accessible, near the Everglades Holiday Park and the intersections of I-75, Alligator Alley, and US 27. 

If you are coming for one of our exciting private school tours, you will find our campus in the Weston Commercial Center at:

2900 Glades Circle #1600
Weston, FL 33327

Is your family new to our community? Welcome! If you haven’t already, you will soon see why Weston is such a great place to live and work, especially for young families. The suburban planning that established our city included many parks, walking paths, golf courses, shops, and restaurants. We are a short, easy drive from Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach County. You are ideally situated in the middle of all the best our area has to offer:

Xceed Students Work and Play in Weston

One of the best things about the flexibility families find through Xceed is that there is always time and space for students to be invested in the things that are important to them. Athletes and students involved in fine arts don’t have to jump through academic hoops to “make up” for the time they spend practicing or traveling for competition. We build school and the best college prep plan for each student around the things they want to prioritize. 

That means our Weston campus students have space for opportunities like:

  • Annual holiday food and toy drives as a part of our Student Government and National Honor Society
  • Initiatives that collect and distribute clothing and pet supplies to charity organizations 
  • The Interact Club that is sponsored by the Weston Rotary Club
  • College campus trips
  • Recreational trips to Dolphins Stadium, mystery events, and more

What kind of impact can the flexibility we are describing have for your student? Here’s how one of our Weston parents describes the difference it has made for them:

My son looks forward to going to school and has progressed so much now that he enjoys school. At dinner, he shared with us that each and every day, Mr. Bass, the head. of his campus, comes around to each student to check-in and offer encouragement for the day. His teachers take the time to ensure he understands his assignments and offer assistance when needed.

As a parent, I am so pleased with the communication from his teachers, getting regular updates on his progress. All this, and he has the flexibility to pursue his athletic career. Being able to work virtually with teacher assistance via online meetings allows him to travel to competitions and it works around his practice schedule. Moving him to Xceed was by far the best educational decision we could have made.

Gary J., Xceed Parent

About Our Weston Campus

Each of the Xceed Preparatory Academy’s campuses has its own unique character and place in its community. Come for a tour. That is the best way to get not just a feel for what our Weston teachers and campus are like, but also to see how remarkable our approach to school is firsthand. 

We are intentionally structuring school differently. Some parents don’t quite get how it’s different from the school experience they had. But when they come to campus, almost immediately, it clicks. They see how Xceed uses the best of the traditional school model with new approaches to learning that help students be exceptionally prepared for innovation, a fantastic college experience, and a career in a business world that changes faster and faster.

Kenneth B. Bass, M.Ed., is the Head of School for our Weston campus. His education career began in 1987 and he brings such a wealth of expertise to our learning community. His leadership in both public and private schools have been recognized through honors including a National School of Excellence award from the U.S. Department of Education. 

In today’s modern world, and the manner in which students live within it, there is a very high demand for freedom from the traditional school model that is basically the same as it has been for over a century. Our students and families within the Xceed framework for education receive a first class foundation that prepares students for success in the world as it currently exists and the anticipated changes yet to come. We are truly offering a unique experience at Xceed you will not find elsewhere because we blend a personal approach to instruction with the best approaches to meeting the real needs of today’s students to form a cohesive plan for the middle and high school years.

I hope you will gather some more information about Xceed today and then come visit our Weston campus. I want to meet you and your child to learn about their interests, academic challenges or concerns, and all the things you want school to be for them. We make great things happen at Xceed.

— Kenneth B. Bass, Head of School
Weston Campus

Keep Exploring Xceed Preparatory Academy 

Download a copy of our Xceed Information Packet and read more about the core benefits for your family. It covers how we build our personalized learning plans, tuition information, some helpful fact and stats, and a deeper look at our learning model. Download your Information Packet now.