A Private School for Parents Who Want a More Flexible, Personalized Approach

If the traditional school model isn’t working for your family,
explore how Xceed has transformed the lives of these students…

Which Xceed student profile is most like your son or daughter?

Work at Your Own Pace
One-on-One Instruction
Fast-track to Graduation
Learning Differences
Gifted Learner

Work at Their Own Pace

My child’s success requires steady persistence.

Yes, this describes my child.

One-on-One Instruction

They thrive with a little extra individual attention.

My child needs this.

Fast-track to Graduation

Your child is ready for the next step. They can get ahead of coursework, obtain credits, and graduate early.

They’re ready to graduate.


Their commitment and skills are next-level.

My child is a competitive athlete.

Learning Differences

Outside-the-box thinkers require an unconventional approach.

Yes, this is my child.


Your child has big ideas and need the flexibility to focus on those interests.

I’m raising an entrepreneur.

Gifted Learner

They crave a challenge, and they’re more than capable. 

My child needs to be challenged.

Artist /

My child’s talent and cleverness shine through their creative medium.  

This is my child.


They’re on the move, and their schooling needs to go where they go.

Our family travels frequently.

Does one or more of these student profiles sound like your child? If so, there’s a better way to do school.

Xceed Preparatory Academy isn’t structured like a traditional 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. middle or high school. We’re for students and families who want something different.

At Xceed, you’ll discover just how flexible a college-prep education can be. Through on-campus instruction with an interactive digital curriculum, Xceed offers middle and high school students a uniquely personalized and tailored approach to education.

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You probably have some questions for us…

Where is Xceed?

Xceed has four Florida locations — Coral Springs, Kendall/Pinecrest, Weston, and Daytona Beach. For families looking for even more flexibility, we offer Xceed Preparatory Academy Virtual School.

Can my child enroll during the school year?

Yes, we offer continuous, year-round enrollment.

Is Xceed accredited?

Yes, we’re a Cognia (formerly known as AdvancED) accredited school.

What does Xceed’s schedule look like?

We’re open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and we offer different schedule options for each student.

What will my child study at Xceed?

Every Xceed student has a personalized learning plan customized to their unique learning needs and goals. Learn more on our Educational Model page.

Does Xceed offer NCAA-approved courses?

Yes, we are a fully-accredited school, and we offer NCAA-approved core courses.

 Does Xceed offer dual enrollment courses?

We do. We have partnerships with Outlier.org and the University of Pittsburgh. Find out more on our Dual Enrollment page.

 What are the technology requirements for students?

Students will need their own personal laptop, which they’ll be responsible for bringing to and from school. If their laptop breaks, Xceed has desktop computers available for temporary use. Check here to be sure your child’s laptop meets the necessary requirements to access Xceed’s curriculum. 

Will my child receive college counseling?

Every Xceed high school student works with their own College Planning Advisor who will help your child navigate course selection, college selection, applications, financial aid, and more.

Does Xceed accept international students?

Yes. Our campuses are SEVP-certified schools. Learn more on our International Admissions page.

How much is Xceed’s tuition?

Annual tuition is $21,500. For information on financial aid and scholarships, please contact us at admissions@xceedprep.org or 954-803-1230.

Does Xceed accept the McKay scholarship?

Xceed Preparatory Academy accepts the Florida state-sponsored McKay scholarship program for students with disabilities. Students who meet Xceed’s admissions qualifications and attend a public school are eligible to apply. Parents are responsible for the remainder of the tuition and fees not covered by McKay.

Does Xceed offer transportation?

Xceed does not offer transportation.

Can you see your child at Xceed? Here’s what to do next …

  1. Download your free Parent Info Packet.
  2. Set up a call with Admissions. 
  3. Schedule your tour.


Please contact admissions at 954-803-1230 or admissions@xceedprep.org