Compelling and innovative, artists and performers are dedicated to their craft, whether it’s in painting, dance, sculpture, acting, or another creative outlet.

Let your creativity run free.

Artists and Performers are talented individuals who thrive best when they’re given opportunities to pursue their craft. At the same time, they’re committed to education and want a learning program that allows their creativity to shine — both in academics and in their passions.

Maybe you’re seeing that the traditional school schedule isn’t working for you. As you think about staying dedicated to exhibits or rehearsals while balancing academics, you’re looking for a school that provides the flexibility and freedom you need.

Education that supports your passions.

At Xceed, you don’t have to choose between being academically prepared and pursuing your passion. If you’re looking for the freedom and flexibility to pursue the arts, our college-prep program gives students in grades 6-12 the opportunity to live out their dreams.

See how our unique learning model works.

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“As soon as I heard about flexible schedules, I was all in. I was a dancer outside of school, so the opportunity to make my own school schedule was a game-changer.”


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