Educational Model

The needs of today’s students have changed dramatically even though the model for education is almost the same as it was 120 years ago. There is one obvious change, and it’s not positive: the traditional model for school is supposed to serve larger and larger student populations with more diverse needs than ever before. It’s no surprise that it can’t. 

That’s why Xceed Preparatory Academy was founded. You can see the difference between the traditional school model and Xceed’s flexible, personalized approach at a glance:

Traditional School ModelXceed Preparatory Academy’s Education Model
One-size-fits-all schedule and classesSchedule and classes are based on individual student needs
Hundreds of students in each grade levelWe keep the traditional grade-level structure, but each campus
is small by design, creating a tight-knit learning community
All students take 45- or 75-minute block classes on the same bell-and-lunch structureStudents study courses as long as they need and switch to other courses when they are ready
Fixed school day hours and school year breaksParents and students create a daily, weekly, and yearly schedule that meets their priorities
Curriculum is designed generically for the “typical” student on a bell curve averageEvery student creates a Personalized learning plan with their Head of School that is tailored to their learning needs and future goals — and refined with their teachers as they make progress
Many students compete for a fraction of one teacher’s attention during limited class timeStudents always have access to teachers who know them personally and clearly understand their learning needs and goals
Athletes and performing arts students are under more pressure or need to work harder to make up time spent practicing or traveling for competitionAthletics, performing arts, and all kinds of extracurricular priorities outside of school fit seamlessly into the structure for studying that students and parents choose and agree on with their teachers
Communication between teachers and parents is very limited and often non-existentParents have personal, frequent, open, and direct communication with the teachers and Head of School
Thousands of students share a very limited number of school and college counselor resourcesEvery high school student receives monthly one-on-one college counseling from the very first meeting with Xceed until graduation


The center of Xceed’s approach to education is what we call Personalized learning plans (PLPs). Every student creates a PLP with their Head of School and parents before they begin classes at Xceed. Think of the PLP as a plan we establish and agree upon together to get students on the best path to where they want to end up in college or a career. We adjust the PLP throughout the year to make sure each student is truly getting what they need to succeed.

Creating Your Student’s Personalized Learning Plan

Step 1: Review and Assess

At this stage, students and parents meet with the Head of School to review basic academic and personal information. We cover things such as:

  • Completed classes
  • Graduation trajectory (early/accelerated, standard timeline, or extended study)
  • Any issues, struggles, or concerns you or your student is currently facing
  • Applicable NCAA eligibility status

Step 2: Select Specific Goals

Once we have established where your child is academically, we start talking about the future. This is where things really start to take shape and get exciting for students. We cover questions like:

  • If you could go to college anywhere, where would you go, and why?
  • What are your long-term athletic, performance, and other goals?
  • How about personal and emotional development — is there something you want to work on?
  • What other priorities might you have for middle school, high school, and college?

Step 3: Align and Agree

At this point, we know your child and understand their specific needs. So this is where we bring it all together and spell out the details of how to help you or your child get to where they want to be. In this step, we:

  • Select the right classes in the right order for your student
  • Build a schedule that accommodates all of your priorities
  • Select a date for their first day at Xceed
  • Cover what they will need to bring to school
  • Plan logistics such as:
    • When to expect your student on campus
    • Drop-off/pick-up details
  • Ensure everyone agrees on the same plan

Step 4: Refine Over Time

The flexibility of our education model becomes even more clear as time goes on. After a student begins classes at Xceed, the Head of School and teachers check in with them and their parents frequently. After three to four weeks, we do a comprehensive evaluation so we can make any adjustments to the initial PLP. We’ll work together to answer questions like: 

  • How is the plan we made working?
  • Do they need more help in an area?
  • How are they socializing and doing at home?
  • Are the daily schedule, start, and stop times working for everyone?
  • Where should we make adjustments?


Flexibility is one of the things that sets us apart in category after category. The maximum number of students on any of the campuses at any particular time is low enough that we never have to sacrifice individual student needs or time with their teachers. Everything we have built at Xceed is designed to prioritize individuals and families and their needs — not the average of the masses.

The curriculum delivery at Xceed is another way that we have been able to retain the best of the traditional school model while incorporating the best of today’s technology and spirit of innovation that will help tomorrow’s graduates succeed. 

We use a unique curriculum model where most of the material is adapted by the teacher based on learning styles, interests, and personalized schedules . The curriculum is offered through an interactive learning resource developed by one of the nation’s top curriculum providers. Every part of the curriculum is something each student works through directly with the help and attention of their teachers.

Experience the Difference at Xceed

The best way for parents and students to understand the educational model at Xceed is to come and experience it firsthand. Schedule a private tour to see the critical difference our student-centered approach can make for your child