About Xceed Preparatory Virtual School

Your Student’s Future is Our Mission

Xceed provides an accredited, comprehensive college-preparatory academic experience in a virtual environment that will set your child up for success.

A Vision for Virtual Education

It began when a team of educational innovators envisioned a virtual school model that would provide an excellent education to young people. They recognized that some students and families need the flexibility to travel, pursue special interests, attend to health concerns, move through the curriculum at their own pace, avoid stigmas, or create time and space to bond as a family. 

Xceed’s founders developed an online school that connects 6th-12th grade students to challenging academic coursework, enrichment opportunities, and state-certified teachers while removing the barriers of the traditional middle and high school models. 

Dr. Brent Goldman and Dr. Richard Goldman, founders of Xceed Preparatory Academy Virtual School and Xceed Preparatory Academy, have been two of the top private school leaders in South Florida for several decades. 

Richard Goldman was the Dean of Graduate Education at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) for 20 years. He and his team were pioneers in the development of distance and internet-based education at NSU. In 1996, Brent and Richard co-founded The Sagemont School in Weston, Florida. Under Brent Goldman’s leadership, the school grew to more than 800 students and sent graduates to universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, and Vanderbilt. 

Additionally, Brent and Richard have co-founded and held leadership positions in a variety of highly successful education ventures, including the University of Miami Online High School, Another Generation Preschools and Smart Horizons Career Online Education, which is McDonald’s official high school.

Virtual School Accreditation and Community

Xceed’s virtual school is part of the Cognia (formerly known as AdvancED) accredited network of private schools serving grades 6-12. The model provides students with personalized learning plans, media-rich curriculum, flexible schedules, and supportive teachers and staff who are committed to preparing students for college and beyond. Each Xceed student’s day is different yet all students learn, collaborate, and flourish in its supportive online learning community.