3 Tips for Keeping Academics Consistent When You’re a Student Athlete

Xceed operates on a flexible, personalized schedule, making it easier for student-athletes to keep to a consistent training and competition schedule. However, without the right time management skills acing algebra won’t be a piece of Pi! Here are a few school success tips for these students whose schedules are optimized for balance.

Write down your goals

It’s a new year which means everyone is making resolutions and aspirations for the next school year. While many people lose sight of their intentions within the first month, goal-setting is actually a very effective tool, especially when it comes to athletes. Establishing goals and tracking their progress is an essential part of any sport. Treating GPA, attendance, and grades like speed, wins, points, and assists can be an effective way to stay motivated and accountable. Join those around you and write down your academic, athletic, and even personal goals for this year on a piece of paper or your phone. Write down why you want to achieve these goals, so that you actively remind yourself of the importance to your success.

Prioritize your tasks

Sometimes it’s easier seeing everything on paper. Create a list of everything you need to get done in a week or coming weeks along with the dates and due dates. Decide which assignments and activities are the highest priority, are due sooner, and hold the greatest weight in your success. Reorder the to-do list so that highest priority is at the top. This way you eliminate the big stressors first.

Work with your teachers

Communication is truly key to the success of anyone, especially those with a lot on their plate… It is what Xceed is built on! We want to hear what is going on in your life and on the field, so we may better serve you and your success. Be honest with your teachers if your struggling to tackle everything. Opening up about difficulty with bringing your all to an assignment fosters understanding and empathy. Suddenly, it’s not just you, but a team that is helping cross that finish line to success.

Xceed is built to make time management easier, but we also know that honing time management skills is a valuable characteristic for a successful future in anywhere. These tips will help Xceed students achieve their goals here in and beyond!