5 Tips for Making the Most of Remote Learning

Students at Xceed Preparatory Academy benefit from an educational model that regularly uses technology and online assignments for flexible, interactive learning in addition to in-person teacher guidance and instruction at each of their locations. This model, along with the capability to have video chats with teachers for one-on-one guidance, allows Xceed students to learn from home when needed. While working from home is appealing and has many advantages, there are steps both students and parents can take to make sure the transition to full-time online learning is successful. Focus on these five tips to make the most of remote learning.

1. Create a Designated Study Space 

Put a desk or table in a relatively quiet area, away from the television and family gathering spaces. Encourage your child to avoid studying on the sofa or bed — not only does it lead to less focus, but it can also result in hunched shoulders, bad posture, and neck pain. Be sure your space has good lighting and enough room for a computer as well as room to write and take notes.

2. Get Organized

Have your child use a planner and note the dates for all tests, projects, and assignments. If needed, help them figure out how to break up the work into manageable steps. For example, if they have a paper due in two weeks, schedule a little bit of time each day for research, writing, and editing. Students may want to make a daily to-do list to stay on top of deadlines for each subject.

3. Limit Digital Distractions

It’s tempting for teens to play a game or text friends while they should be focusing on an online class or assignment. To help avoid this, have them put their phone on Do Not Disturb and put it away. Also, they should avoid opening tabs online that aren’t school-related. It’s far too easy for that 5-minute internet browsing break to turn into 45 minutes of wasted time.

4. Establish a Routine

If your child doesn’t have a designated time to be online for a class, help them set a daily start time for schoolwork. They should take short breaks between classes and assignments. It’s best if those breaks happen away from the computer. Stretching, walking in the backyard, or getting a snack can help them stay energized and give their eyes a rest from the computer screen.

Encourage your child to make progress in each class every day. They should check online to see if teachers have posted new assignments or notes for the class and complete the tasks on the to-do list they have created. Putting work off until the last minute can result in falling behind, and it can be hard to catch up once they are off track.

5. Regularly Review Progress with Your Child

Check in with your child on a regular basis. Review grades, teacher feedback, and upcoming assignments online with your child.

Parents should also go beyond just the checklist of assignments. Ask your child about what they are learning. Can they share an overview of the book they are reading for literature class, a new concept they learned in science, a fascinating piece of history, or how they completed a STEM activity?  You may be surprised at what your child can teach you and enjoy discovering more about their interests.

How Online Learning with In-Person Support Teaches Independence

Students who learn through an online model develop strong time management skills and gain the independence needed to rely less on adults. Learning how to take responsibility for your own schedule and workload is valuable in both college and the workplace. Xceed graduates are self-motivated, tech-savvy, and equipped to reach their full potential in college because Xceed has in-person learning mixed with an online curriculum like most colleges and universities.

Learn More About Xceed’s Educational Model

If you’re exploring a new middle school or high school learning model for your child, we invite you to learn more about how Xceed Preparatory Academy helps students thrive. In addition to online learning, each student works with their teachers in-person at an Xceed location. Each Xceed student has a Personalized Learning Plan designed to help them reach individual goals. Xceed’s campuses are located throughout Florida in Coral Springs, Kendall, Weston and Daytona Beach. Download our Xceed Guide for Parents and Students to discover why students and parents choose Xceed.