From Norway to South Florida to the Stables, XPA Alumna Success Story

Originally from Norway, Mille Staff’s family moved to South Florida when she was a child, enrolling her and her brother in a local private school. Already an accomplished tennis player, Mille began horseback riding when she was in 3rd grade and quickly fell in love with horses.

Seven years later, her family recognized she needed a more flexible schedule to accommodate school, tennis and horseback riding. They found Xceed Preparatory Academy-Coral Springs and Mille became that campus’s first student.

Supported, Not Punished

“I was excited to start at Xceed because, at my old school, teachers made me feel guilty for pursuing passions outside of the classroom,” Mille shared. “At Xceed, it’s the opposite: teachers and staff encourage you and help you stay on track, academically. You’re celebrated for your accomplishments in and out of school.”

Although Mille eventually switched from tennis to focus on show jumping, she appreciates the flexibility Xceed Preparatory Academy gave her as a student.

“I was on top of my schoolwork all the time because I was driven to complete it before I headed to competitions or training sessions,” said Mille. “I was able to work as quickly as I wanted, as long as I mastered the content. This gave me even more time to focus on my goal of becoming the best show jumper in the world.”

Pursuing Career Options Across the Globe

Although Mille’s post-high school competition schedule was heavily altered due to the pandemic, the skills she gained at Xceed meant she made a seamless transition to college while still working toward her athletic dream.

“I’m taking online courses in photography and business and it’s easy to manage because I had years of experience at Xceed,” Mille noted. “Taking college classes online gives me the flexibility to train and compete. I’m still at the stables every day, I work out five days a week and I’m doing well in school.”

Mille plans to head home to Norway this summer, where her parents have returned to, and will weigh out her options for a future in show jumping.

“Depending on which country I want to compete in and for, there are numerous career paths available to me,” explained Mille. “I am just so appreciative of Xceed because I was given the flexibility and encouragement to do what I do best. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the opportunities Xceed gave me both academically and athletically.”