Athletes Succeed at Xceed

Athletes, especially at the elite level where college and professional careers are a possibility, need so much time for practice, travel, and competition. In the traditional school model, it’s almost impossible not to fall behind academically. Serious athletes shouldn’t need to choose between pursuing the sport they love or fitting everyone else’s academic schedule, but that’s often the case.

Xceed can help.

Let’s build a schedule just for you that balances your studies, practice, travel, performance, and everything else in a way that works the way you need it to work.

You’ll get individual support where you need it and learn in a community of other students who get it because they have similar goals and interests as you.

Xceed offers NCAA approved core courses.

We can help you find the right college to keep developing athletically— and a path to get there.

Hear from some of our parents of athletes regarding their experience at Xceed:

“Xceed has given my family the flexibility and opportunities that public school can not offer. As travel hockey players, my sons often have late practices or out of town tournaments. We have the comfort of knowing that they can work at a faster pace prior to a tournament, take their lessons with them, or catch up when they return to school. We don’t have to stress about missing school or falling behind and are able to take an extra day or 2 when traveling to explore a new city and enjoy family time. They can sleep in a little and be more focused when they are better rested. The teachers have spent a lot of time working 1 on 1 with my children, especially when they are struggling with a subject. The teachers monitor their progress to ensure they remain on pace. There are NO HOMEWORK BATTLES! It’s been a great experience for our family.”

-The Long Family

“Xceed Preparatory Academy has allowed my son to train and compete at the highest level of competition in tennis while also providing him with a first-class education. Xceed is the best school for parents that have a son or daughter with a unique talent or academic goal looking to pursue and focus on that talent or goal while going to a school with a balanced, flexible and challenging academic environment. Thank you, TEAM XCEED!!!!!”

-A satisfied parent

“We are so happy to have found Xceed! Our daughter is in 11th grade and was beyond stressed out in her private high school. As a dancer, with ballet six days per week, it was literally impossible to complete the 4-6 hours of homework for her AP and Honors level classes. When her anxiety and high stress levels started to take a toll on her physical and mental health, we knew we needed to make a change. We transferred her to Xceed and they were able to transfer all her classes that she wanted/needed to keep. It has now been a few months and her quality of life has improved greatly. She goes into Xceed for a few hours each day and rarely has homework. The onsite teachers are very helpful and always available. It’s amazing how much faster she can learn and get through her lessons without the tedious busy work that traditional school curriculums often have. I highly recommend Xceed to anyone looking for a change. It’s a great way to alleviate unnecessary school stress and a great place for those who need to make their own schedule due to sports schedules or performing arts training.”

-A satisfied parent

“Competitive student athletes must strike a delicate balance between the time dedicated to training, travelling, and academics. At Xceed Preparatory Academy my daughter has been able to do this with the help of her teachers and the implementation of a personalized learning approach to academics. She now has the flexibility to train two sessions per day and travel to competitions around the world without compromising her educational goals. Whenever an international event or competition comes up, my daughter discusses her travel schedule with her counselor and her academic workload is adjusted accordingly. This allows my daughter to pursue her dreams in sports without falling behind in her schoolwork. The blended model used at Xceed in which online learning is combined with live academic coaches allows for student interactions and collaboration in a manner that is not available in other online academic settings. Students can work on projects together and develop socialization skills that are necessary to be successful when they enter college. I am very satisfied with Xceed’s approach to academics and flexibility and highly recommend the school to any parent of a student that participates in sports at a competitive level.”

-A satisfied parent

“Excellent option for kids who needs flexible schedule! The teachers and director are great. My son is very motivated and happy with the support and environment.”

-Paula S., Xceed Parent

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