Celebrating Our Graduating Seniors from the Weston Campus

Graduation season is upon us, and for our small school community, it’s a time of celebration and anticipation for what lies ahead. Our graduating seniors at Xceed have spent their high school years navigating learning, extracurricular activities, friendships, and personal challenges. They’ve shown resilience, creativity, and a commitment to excellence in all they do.

Behind every graduating senior is a network of support and mentorship. Our dedicated teachers and staff have played a crucial role in guiding our students through their academic journey, providing extra help, career advice, or simply listening to their concerns. This support has made a lasting impact on the lives of our seniors, and it’s evident in their stories.

Here’s what our seniors had to say about their experiences at Xceed and their plans for the future:

Brianna found that Xceed’s flexibility offered a supportive environment. “If you don’t like the structure of traditional schools, Xceed is a great option. You can attend school on campus or online, and it has helpful teachers.”

Nayeli valued the focus and flexibility that Xceed provided, helping her work hard toward her career goals. “The flexibility here has helped me stay focused; if you work hard, it’s all worth it. I plan to become a nurse or join the Coast Guard.”

Tyler appreciated the academic freedom at Xceed, allowing him to pursue challenging courses while exploring his interests. “I discovered the best of both academic worlds: the freedom to explore my imaginative projects while pursuing advanced courses. I’ve been accepted to schools like FIU and NSU and awarded the Dean’s Scholarship from NSU, valued at $15,000 per year.”

Douglas found that Xceed’s unique online courses were perfect for his self-driven learning style. “I appreciate the flexibility here, allowing me to work at my own pace. I plan to attend Lynn University and earn a degree in investment management.”

Jacquelyn overcame her struggles with grades by forming close relationships with Xceed’s teachers. “At Xceed, I found a supportive environment that helped me succeed. I’m excited to attend Mercy University on a Presidential Excellence Scholarship.”

Raquel loved the flexibility that allowed her to balance her education and her passion for horse riding. “The constant availability of one-on-one help is my favorite part about Xceed. This fall, I’ll be majoring in nursing at college.”

Jasmine found Xceed an excellent place for those who like to work independently. “My plans after graduation are to attend a trade school and become a physical therapy assistant.”

Bryan appreciated the independence Xceed provides, allowing him to study at his own pace. “I get to be independent with my curriculum and study from the comfort of my room. You’ll like it here if you’re looking for a different approach with supportive teachers.”

Chase highlighted the flexibility and small perks like cupcakes at senior meetings. “The flexibility at Xceed is fantastic! Not only do we work at our own pace, but we get sweet bonuses like cupcakes at the senior meetings. After graduation, I’m heading to Broward College.”

Jacob felt that Xceed prepared him for his collegiate journey. “Xceed has been incredibly helpful in preparing me for college. I’ve been accepted into schools like the University of Denver and the Honors School at Marist College, with various scholarships.”

Jackie came to Xceed for the flexibility and is thrilled with the results. “If you want a flexible schedule, Xceed is the place for you. After graduation, I’ll be attending Mercy University in New York.”

Jonathan has seen significant improvement in his writing skills at Xceed. “I’ve improved my skills here and feel ready for what’s next.”

Dylan appreciated the flexibility in managing his academic schedule. “Xceed’s flexibility has made it easier for me to manage my time and education. I’m excited to be attending the University of Florida after graduation.”

Harrison believes that Xceed has accelerated his learning process. “It has given me the ability to learn at a much faster pace and with better quality than other schools. After graduation, I’m heading to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.”

We are incredibly proud of all you’ve accomplished during your time at Xceed. You’ve made a lasting impact on our community, and we can’t wait to see what you achieve. Congratulations, Class of 2024!