Celebrating Xceed Preparatory Academy in Coral Springs Class of 2024: A Journey of Individuality, Achievement, and Community

As our graduates stand on the cusp of a new chapter, ready to grasp their diplomas, we want to take a moment to reflect on the journey that brought them to this milestone.

The Class of 2024 at Xceed Preparatory Academy in Coral Springs is not just a graduating class but a testament to the power of personalized education, individual growth, and community support.

Keagan, a senior, values the learning style at Xceed and the positive community, which not only raised Keagan’s grades but also provided a supportive environment. Keagan is set to attend Palm Beach Atlantic University.

As we talked to the graduating seniors and had them look back on their time with Xceed, this is what they had to say:

Jonah offered his perspective on how the flexibility, supportive nature of the teachers, and ability to work at his own pace at Xceed positively impacted his time there. Utilizing these advantages, he pursued college-level courses, developing independence as he nears high school graduation.

Alem Cote sought a great education while pursuing her passion for tennis when she enrolled at Xceed. “I enrolled at Xceed to have more freedom to travel and compete in tennis tournaments. I wanted a great education while traveling, and it paid off!”

With the flexible schedule, Alem could continue competing at a high level and pursue her education goals. She received a $25,000 academic scholarship to Creighton University and an athletic scholarship to play DI collegiate tennis.

Similarly, the need for flexibility also fueled Cameron’s decision. Xceed’s support helped her improve her grades and deepen her understanding of subjects, earning her a scholarship to Palm Beach Atlantic University. “I enrolled at Xceed to fit my schedule, but the school also helped me raise my grades and better understand my school subjects,” she noted.

Students like Taylor, Meliyah, and Chase often express appreciation for the opportunity to work at their own pace. This environment allowed both Taylor and Meliyah to graduate a year early, encouraging others considering Xceed to take the leap.

“Xceed helped me stay focused, graduate early, stay motivated, and genuinely enjoy school one last time,” Meliyah shared. “I would tell other students who are looking to enroll at Xceed to do it. This was the best decision I made!”

At the same time, Chase developed organizational skills, responsiveness, and hard work, preparing him for future success outside of the classroom. “I decided to enroll at Xceed because of the individual focus teachers give and the format of teaching when it comes to group activities,” said Chase. “Xceed has helped me with so much.”

Christopher appreciated the kindness of teachers and the friendly atmosphere at Xceed, recognizing how these factors played a significant role in his academic journey. The supportive environment fostered by the educators helped him achieve better grades and inspired him to engage in community service. Christopher is now looking forward to pursuing his studies in Physical Therapy.

As our students prepare to move forward into the next chapter, we hope they take with them the knowledge gained, friendships formed, and unique experiences they had during their time at Xceed Preparatory Academy.

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