Close the Learning Loss Gap With Accredited Online Summer School

Xceed Anywhere offers virtual summer courses for students in grades 7-12

With the much-publicized learning loss that so many students across the country experienced this past school year, families are seeking an alternative summer school option that allows for both consistency and flexibility.   

Xceed Anywhere, a Cognia-accredited virtual private school for students in grades 6 through 12, has opened its (online) classroom to students from any school, anywhere in the country this summer.  

“Although both Xceed Anywhere and our sister school, Xceed Preparatory Academy were consistent with our schedules and academic programs over the last 15 months, we recognize that many students, unfortunately, did not have this same experience,” said Xceed Anywhere CEO Dr. Brent Goldman. “As educators, it is important to us to help get as many kids up to speed, academically, as possible—even if they aren’t full-time Xceed students.”  

Starting June 7th, Xceed Anywhere will offer a virtual summer school program any student headed into grades 7 through 12 during the 2021-22 school year can enroll in. The cost is $695 per half credit.   

“Our faculty are all course- and state-certified and are often recognized for their engaging teaching methods; our virtual teaching is not like the remote or online learning many students have experienced this past year,” said Betty Norton, Xceed Anywhere’s Head of School. “They are well-equipped to meet students where they’re at academically, whether it is on a short- or long-term basis.”  

Virtual summer school students will be treated as regular Xceed Anywhere students with personalized instruction and opportunities for group engagement. They are also eligible to participate in Xceed’s Rising Seniors Program, a seven-session summer program run by Your College Concierge, covering the Scoir platform, entrance essay writing with feedback, a review of FAFSA information, the college application process and forms and documents students need so they are ready to submit once post-secondary enrollment windows open.   

Students who enroll in Xceed Anywhere’s virtual summer school will receive unofficial Xceed Anywhere transcripts that are added to their official school transcript.   

“We are thrilled to offer a comprehensive virtual summer school option to families from all over the country that allows for both flexibility and stability,” continued Goldman. “Classes won’t be cancelled due to COVID outbreaks because everything is done online and at a student’s individual pace.”  

In addition to being accredited by Cognia, Xceed Anywhere is also an NCAA-approved school, allowing elite athletes to train effectively while enrolled in middle or high school.
  Words From a Student:   “Xceed summer school helped me in many ways. I was able to take an extra semester of math which helped me get ahead. I was also able to spend more one-on-one time with the teachers so I could get a deeper understanding of the topics. Finally, with the flexible hours, I could still enjoy my summer.”    
  Ready to learn more?  Read a full list of available courses, tuition info, and FAQ on Xceed Anywhere’s Summer School page. Ready to get started? Apply Now or Request more information.