Congratulations to Our Kendall Seniors

Whether their entire high school career was spent at Xceed or only a year or two, each of the graduating seniors on our Kendall Campus have worked hard to achieve academic success.

To celebrate our seniors and learn how they felt about their time at Xceed, we asked the graduating class to share their experiences.

For many students, the welcoming and encouraging environment made the biggest impression.

“Before Xceed, I was having trouble focusing on school,” shared Rosalyn Orozco. “I was looking for a place that would take me seriously and see my potential.”

Senior Valentina Pugliese agreed: “Xceed offers a friendly environment, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and where teachers are always available to guide you and encourage you to succeed and pursue your goals.”

“I was lost in a big public school and always behind on my work,” stated Ty Maschke. “It was helpful to be in an environment where I was given access and support. It helped me get better at asking for help and I was able to get much better grades while taking on harder classes than would have been available to me at my previous school.”

Several students, such as Patrick Morris, pointed to the “flexibility in the schedule and the hand-on approach of teachers” for their success.

Classmate Gabriela Matos shared that Xceed is “an amazing school for all students to work at your own pace.”

Each of our graduates has already experienced many proud, triumphant moments and we know those will only continue as they make plans for the future, such as senior Anthony Garcia who plans to play college golf for La Salle University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Daniel Perez, who, in August, will start the EMT program at Barry University. He plans to continue with the Paramedics program and the move on to Firefighter 1 and 2.

Whatever the next step on their journey, we send our warm congratulations and best wishes to our graduates. In the meantime, follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we highlight their last few weeks on campus. And, if you’re interested in learning more about how Xceed’s educational model can meet your child’s needs, be sure to check out the rest of our site.