Congratulations to the Xceed DME Academy Class of 2022

In August 2019, Xceed partnered with the DME Sports Academy, an elite, multi-sport training and educational institution in Daytona Beach, Florida. The partnership reimagined the way student-athletes can learn, engage, and grow.

Today, the Xceed DME graduating class consists of a diverse group of student-athletes from around the world who have worked incredibly hard to reach their ultimate potential athletically and academically.

In preparation for graduation, seniors shared what their time at Xceed meant to them.

Several seniors, such as Matija Gledic, initially chose Xceed DME for the basketball program, but quickly realized the benefits of the academic program.

“When I first enrolled at Xceed DME, it was to be part of the basketball program,” shared Matija. “However, I came to love the personalized academic program. Working at my own pace and having teachers always available to help was what I needed as a student-athlete.”

Alex Doyle agreed that having flexibility was a key benefit of Xceed. “Being about to work at my own pace was the best part,” while both Tyana Walker and Charles Nicole loved the online coursework.

Other students noted that they appreciated having personalized attention from the Xceed teachers. James Waters said, “What makes Xceed great are the excellent teachers.” Classmate Tristen Armas agreed: “Xceed has better teachers!”

Many Xceed DME students also shared the great strides they made academically with the help of their teachers. For example, Kilib Jackson’s academic performance progressed significantly. “I was able to improve my GPA,” he shared.

Aylanies Z. Crespo Rodriguez echoed her classmates’ sentiments, “The faculty are awesome; they helped me improve my study habits. Enrolling at Xceed was the best decision I made.”

Marvin Brumfield gave his advice to future students, stating, “The teachers are there to help, so use them.”

Wherever their journeys take them, the Xceed DME student-athletes’ hard work and determination will most certainly help them reach their goals.

Victor Panov is looking forward to, “Exceeding my dreams and attending college.”

Anaja Jackson credited Xceed with helping her academic success. “I wanted to be as prepared for college as possible. Xceed helped me become more organized and focused; it was a great place to jump-start healthy study and academic habits. I plan to continue with DME’s post-grad program in preparation for my enrollment at Howard University.”

We wish all our graduates nothing but the best in their future endeavors and look forward to celebrating their graduation! In the meantime, follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we highlight their last few weeks on campus. And, if you’re interested in learning more about how Xceed’s educational model can meet your child’s needs, be sure to check out the rest of our site.