Considering a Change? 6 Reasons to Make a Mid-Year Switch to Xceed Anywhere

This school year started off with a bit of uncertainty for everyone. Whether your child is learning at home, in a physical classroom, or through a hybrid model, you, like many parents, are navigating a variety of new challenges. You may even be feeling like your child is falling behind, either academically or socially. 

Families are pursuing private school options now more than ever, and realizing that education is one of the most important investments they can make in their child’s life. While switching schools may bring about a little anxiety for parents and students alike, the results of finding the right fit are life changing. 

Here are a few good reasons to think about making a switch.

1. Your child needs a greater level of individual attention. If your student could benefit from more personalized support from his or her teacher, you’re not alone. Many families inquire about Xceed Anywhere because we are known for personalized learning and a high level of individualized attention. We pay close attention to learning styles and cater our approach to help students experience success.

2. COVID challenges could be preventing your child from reaching their potential. Eliminate Zoom fatigue. Xceed Anywhere students receive personalized instruction through asynchronous learning combined with some synchronous teacher support, based on your child’s schedule. Our teachers are trained in virtual instruction and routinely monitor student pace and performance. Parents and guardians can view their child’s progress in real-time, at any time!

3. You’re moving and looking for a flexible option. The benefit of Xceed Anywhere is that students can learn virtually anywhere! Relocation is a common reason for switching schools, and finding the right fit can help your family find meaningful connections and build lasting friendships.

4. Your child enjoyed virtual learning. Perhaps you were surprised to watch your child thrive when schools were required to shift to remote learning due to the recent health restrictions. As your son or daughter responded to a less scripted routine, you were delighted to see him or her hit their stride academically.

5. Safety is a concern. Every parent deserves the peace of mind that their child is safe while at school. If you are concerned about your child’s physical or emotional safety, you can take comfort in knowing your child is safe at home with a virtual support system at school. Some parents are rightly concerned about their child’s safety. Problems such as bullying, school shootings, and the possibility of illness are realities in today’s school settings. You might long for your child to have the ability to focus on learning rather than constantly be distracted by safety concerns.

6. Your current school is not very flexible when it comes to meeting families where they are. When it comes to education in the time of COVID-19, it’s important that a school can be flexible enough to accommodate every family’s unique circumstances. 

Whether your struggle is on this list or not, we’d love to hear more about why you’re considering a switch and the goals you have for your child. Xceed Anywhere offers year-round admissions, and our enrollment process can often be completed in as few as 2 days. Download our e-book “Is Virtual School Right for Your Child” to learn more about our school and your next steps.