Cori’s Xceed Story

Our student Cori works hard and plays hard! With the help of her parents and Head of School, Cori created a Personalized Learning Plan and flexible schedule that works for her and allows her to explore her passions, travel and photography. Cori is an extremely dedicated, motivated and creative student. She is on pace or ahead of pace in all of her courses which allows her to regularly travel with her family around the country. One of the reasons Xceed’s model was designed is for students who need flexibility. Cori’s travel schedule has no negative impact on her studies and no penalty to her attendance. She can go on incredible trips with her family and not fall behind in school!

Cori is receiving a high-quality, college-prep education while experiencing the world first-hand. She is able to practice her photography skills while traveling. During some of Cori’s adventures she met the Arizona Skate Team, Shaquille O’ Neal, Chance the Rapper and Jon Stewart. Cori also visited the Hollywood sign and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cori also got the amazing opportunity to meet Grammy winning R&B composer, Robert Glasper, and capture the behind the scenes work that goes into setting up a concert performance. She used the photographs as part of one of her student projects.

Cori’s mom shared her experience at Xceed with us, “The best decision I made. I switched my daughter mid-year from homeschooling to Xceed and it has been amazing. The one-on-one attention she received boosted her confidence. Her flexible hours made it possible to travel with her as a family when we need to go for business. The staff is always so kind and helpful. I recommend this school to any parent who is open to a new and more convenient way of learning. They have it figured out.”

Keep up the great work Cori! We can’t wait to see where you go on your next adventure!

You can have a flexible and personalized schedule too! Learn more about our Personalized Learning Plans and flexible model.