Discovering New Passions In and Out of the Classroom

Tired of feeling lost in the traditional school system and determined to excel academically, 17-year-old, Matthew Rosenn decided that Xceed Preparatory Academy was the right decision for him.

“In traditional school, the teacher would move at a weird pace, and it would take 15 minutes to get class started,” said Matthew. “At Xceed, I am able to work at my own pace and there is always something I have to do. I am never waiting on anyone.”

The more personalized approach to education drew him into Xceed and he has been able to find the perfect fit for his learning style.

“When I was in public school, it was just something that I was trying to get out of the way, but now at Xceed I am enjoying the classes that I am taking and what I am learning,” Matthew shared.

Matthew shared that the small administration is “crucial to the grades I am getting now.”

The regular interactions and having a support system at school have really helped him succeed academically.

The flexible curriculum has helped Matthew discover a new passion in Psychology, a subject he never thought he would be interested in majoring in before attending Xceed.

He has also been able to build his schedule around his pursuits outside of the classroom.

“I was working at a dive shop while in school, but now I have been tutoring, which has been helping me relearn things that I can use when I am in the classroom,” Matthew stated.

Matthew expressed that he is naturally independent and enjoys the fact that the communication he has with his peers “won’t interfere with his work like it would in a traditional classroom.”

“There are no excuses at Xceed,” Mathew continued. “You have everything you need in the lesson to get the grades you want, as long as you put in everything you should.” 

Learn more about Xceed’s personalized, flexible model of education here.