Education Week Highlights Reasons Why Parents and Students Love Virtual Learning

From our founder, Dr. Brent Goldman:

The pandemic has exposed cracks in the traditional education system that we at Xceed Anywhere and Xceed Preparatory Academy have known for years: students learn in different ways and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

As Education Week Assistant Editor Alyson Klein indicated in, “We Love Virtual Learning: Students, Parents Explain Why,” many parents and students have found virtual learning to be easier and less stressful because they are not being forced into standardized models of instruction. Ms. Klein detailed the story of one family, noting:

“With online instruction, Aiden no longer complains about teachers going too slowly because he can speed through the content that is easy for him through asynchronous lessons that he completes at his own pace. If his mind wanders during a tougher subject, he can take his time puzzling through it, and even watch a video of the lesson.”

Personalized Education With Student Success In Mind

At Xceed Anywhere, our mission is to prepare students for college and beyond using personalized learning approaches for students who want the flexibility to pursue their own interests and talents in a supportive, innovative environment. And since we treat each student as an individual who has goals and life circumstances that are different and unique to them, we are able to work with them to provide the optimal learning environment. Students often excel at Xceed because we help them focus on their schooling and goal attainment. 

The Education Week article also highlights how many students excel in the virtual environment because of limiting distractions:

“Some people just don’t go to school to actually learn. And I was one of those people last year,’ said Precious, who is using only her first name to protect her privacy. ‘I get easily triggered with certain things people tell me. It gets me in a bad mood,’ and then it’s tough to concentrate on schoolwork. Precious, who wants to pursue a career in health care, is likely to graduate before in-person classes resume.” 

I encourage you to take a few minutes to read this excellent article and student testimonials. Look around our site and consider giving us a call to discuss how we can help your family.