Embracing Change and Celebrating Excellence: The Class of 2024 at Xceed Preparatory Academy

Xceed Preparatory Academy’s unique model—blending in-person and online learning—has prepared our graduates to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. From collaborative projects to independent study, they’ve mastered the skills that will serve them well beyond graduation. As the Class of 2024 embarks on the next chapter of their journey, we honor their achievements and look forward to their promising futures.

Kenneth Bass Award: Honoring Excellence and Leadership

The Kenneth Bass Award is a prestigious honor presented to students who demonstrate exceptional qualities that set them apart as academic leaders and role models. The award is named after a beloved educator known for his dedication to nurturing academic excellence and fostering a proactive learning environment.

The recipients of the Kenneth Bass Award share the following traits:

  • Self-starter: They are the first to dive into academic challenges, never shying away from the hard questions and consistently seeking deeper understanding.
  • High academic achiever: With a GPA of at least 3.5, these students routinely meet or exceed academic pacing, setting a high standard for themselves and their peers.
  • Proactive: They lead by example, actively engaging in class discussions, volunteering for presentations, and promoting positive behavior within the classroom.

We are proud to announce the recipients of the Kenneth Bass Award for 2024: Cori Gathings, Cole Ropicky, Jonah Wise, and Harrison Weisman. Their dedication to academic excellence and leadership is an inspiration to the entire Xceed community. We look forward to seeing their continued success in the years ahead!

As we celebrate all our graduates, we also look forward to the incredible things they will accomplish. With their solid educational foundation, creativity, and passion, we are confident that they will make a lasting impact on their communities and beyond. Whether they pursue higher education, launch their careers, or take on new challenges, the Class of 2024 is ready to succeed.

Congratulations to the graduates of the Class of 2024:

Keagan Adams-Smith*

David Joseph Adili

Raquel M. Alvarez

Gianna Marie Annechiarico

Jordan Nazar Bechtold

Chase Reid Blackburn

Jacquelyn Olivia Bolin*

Bianca Isabella Borges*

William Basil Boykin

Luis David Brao

Gabriela Busch*

Francisco Ivan Garcia Del Busto

Valeriy Butakov*

Giacomo Karlo Campani

Brianna Leigh Carbonell

Ronny J. Perez Castillo

Christopher Anthony Choy*

Alem Cote*

Santiago A. Padilla Cote*

Tyler Dominick Crute*

Cristian Rafael Diaz-Balart*

Cedric Lawayne Dixon

Elijah Duval

John Gabriel Eager

Julian A. Fernandez*

Isabella Fortoul*

Razeah Renee Ganies*

Cori Patricia Gathings*

Dylan Eric Gitkin*

Jacob Matthew Gitkin*

Taylor Morgan Gonyea

Jasmine Beth Goradesky

Ana P. Arcay Di Gregorio*

Shea Marissa Griffenkranz*

Cameron Nea Groarke

Victor Manuel Parrilla II

Douglas E. Roberts Jr.*

Sameer Kamal

Katherine Kietzmann

Meliyah Michaelle Luscar

Nicholas Manunta

Clara S. de Montmollin

Annette Elizabeth Ordóñez*

Bryan F. Pastoral

Nayeli P. Pelaez Pina

Amanda Sofia Rivera*

Katherine Rina Rodriguez*

Cole James Ropicky*

Matthew Rosenn*

Jonathan Carl Rosenthal

Jalen G. Sams

Kaylee Castillo Santana*

Samuel Santrich

Campbell Richard Schumacher

Brandon Luke Schwartz*

Natalie Sochin*

Lizmeilyn Soto

Christopher Souliotis

Adam Ramon Taveras*

Sabrina Ligia Vaca

Chase S. Venter*

Luke H. Walker

Harrison Noah Weisman*

David Zane Wilson

Jonah M. Wise*

*Indicates NHS Member

Congratulations to all of our graduates, and please stay in touch!