Family’s Love for Xceed Keeps Them in Florida

During the pandemic, Sophia Johnson decided to explore school options for her then-middle schooler, Safia. Through a Google search, she came across Xceed Preparatory Academy, and was immediately attracted to the flexible schedule and self-paced program.

As pandemic restrictions wound down, Safia and Sophia stayed at Xceed because of the supportive environment they found there.

“Safia loves Xceed, and the program is helping her step into her full self as an academic,” Sophia said.

Safia added, “I really like Chemistry and Math classes, and I find that the small class sizes and personalized attention from the teachers helps me learn concepts quickly. The one-on-one support really helps you understand the course material and you can either work ahead or spend extra time on something you don’t understand.”

Now in ninth grade, Safia is involved in dancing, gymnastics and volunteering outside of school, and multiple clubs at Xceed such as the Science and Drama Clubs, benefitting from the school’s flexible schedule that lets her participate in a variety of activities.

“Xceed is non-traditional, so other parents may not understand the concept at first,” Sophia said. “But Xceed is good for the kids – it helps breed independence and discipline where they learn that they must take certain responsibilities. Plus, the fact that they can get one-on-one support in a safe environment helps them focus. Even though there are different age groups on campus, Safia gets to learn how to interact with different grades and demographics, which is very much the real world.”

“I was thinking about moving out of Florida, but we’re staying here until she graduates from Xceed, which she is set to do at age 15,” Sophia continued. “The support that they give Safia in helping her to believe in herself has helped her grow tremendously. It does something for her that is wonderful for me to watch, and we can’t find that anywhere else.”

As for Safia, she has a long-term goal of becoming a corporate lawyer and is looking forward to exploring her options for university, as Xceed has given her the confidence to know that she will excel in a collegiate environment.

“I really like the great teachers at Xceed and the fact that I can go at my own pace,” Safia shared. “I am excited and prepared for my future.”

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