Fast Company: WeWork Founder Hopes Her New School Will Help 5-Year-Olds Pursue Their Life’s Purpose

We applaud other schools that too are breaking out of the traditional education model. WeWork founder Rebekah Neumann has created a new school in New York City because she couldn’t find a school for her child that would nurture growth. Check out an excerpt from an article about the new school and ideas behind it below:

“Neumann believes that the current system is built on an old model that doesn’t reflect today’s values and priorities.

The whole format was created during the Industrial Revolution, so that people would grow up and learn how to take orders on an assembly line,’ she asserts. ‘A lot of parents say, ‘Schools are not doing it right. But we’re going to kind of go with that anyway because there’s no better option.’ I just wasn’t willing to accept that, especially during such formative years.”

Read the full article from Fast Company here.