Xceed Information Packet

Thank you for taking a minute to download our Xceed Information Packet. It is full of information to help parents and students understand how we have re-engineered parts of the traditional school model to help every student thrive, no matter what learning differences or challenges they might face. Your resource is ready for you now:

If your child has mild ADHD or learning differences and struggles to succeed in the one-size-fits-most model of school we grew up with, Xceed Preparatory Academy has a lot to offer. 

“So grateful that this school was recommended to us. What an absolutely positive change for both my boys and our family. The school staff has such a positive attitude and their willingness to make sure my boys have the individualized attention when needed, is fabulous. Both my boys LOVE that their schedule is flexible and that they can learn at their own pace without all that extra stress. Both boys have a totally different attitude towards school and learning now, POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE.”

— An Xceed Parent

Read what other parents have to say about the difference we are making in their families and the lives of their students

Looking for a flexible, accredited Summer School to help your teen keep moving forward this summer? Xceed Anywhere Virtual Summer School is designed to help you catch up, get ahead, or go deeper in a specific subject. Learn more.

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