Meet Kendall/Pinecrest Head of School Miriam Rube

In her more than 25 years as an educator and administrator, Xceed Preparatory Academy Kendall/Pinecrest Head of School Miriam Rube has taught and led students from more than 70 countries. Navigating through different types of schools, positions and delivery, Rube said there is one thing that is consistent: “As a leader, we need to model the behavior we wish to see in our students.”

Rube’s experience with traditional, virtual and hybrid school models guided her during the pandemic as the Kendall/Pinecrest campus adjusted to distance learning. According to Rube, it was crucial that school leaders be there for the school community as their temperament would be reflected in the behavior of students, faculty, and families.

Rube noted that this past year, especially, she has made a concerted effort to create and foster a supportive culture at Kendall/Pinecrest for both the teachers and the students. “I believe by consistently being there for them and letting the teachers know they are a priority to me, they, in turn, model that behavior in their classrooms by always showing up for their students,” she shared.

“School leaders must be committed to consistently showing up for their teachers and staff—this cannot be pushed aside.” This approach was Rube’s philosophy before the pandemic, and it did not change because of the pandemic. “We still met virtually, and began including short, weekly sessions on trends in education. It was important that everyone was aware of what was happening in other schools, what was working and what was not working and what challenges we could possibly face,” she said.

“If we genuinely want our staff to take time to reflect, rest and rejuvenate, we should not be calling or emailing them in the evenings or on the weekends. This has become imperative during the pandemic, as more teachers, parents and students are stretched to the max and the lines between the workplace and the home have blurred,” Rube pointed out.

Rube’s leadership style has proven to be successful at Kendall/Pinecrest. According to Rube, the collaborative and supportive approach she leads by has been able to attract and retain top talent creating a consistent and supportive environment for students. “It has improved student learning, their success and well-being, and it also helps with our teachers’ mental health and well-being.”.

Ultimately, Rube said her goal and passion as a school leader is to “create and maintain an educational space where students and teachers are happy, safe and learning.” Though the pandemic may have posed a challenge to this goal, Rube’s ideology did not let it get in the way.

Her favorite part of her job is witnessing her staff and students flourish. “I love Interacting with the teachers and seeing their professional growth and sharing with the students when they realize they are more successful than they thought possible,” she said. She is proud to have shared more of these moments with students and staff at Xceed with the flexible education model. “Rather than fit a circle into a square, we help students shape their own path to educational success,” she proudly explained.

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