Meet Weston Head of School Kenneth Bass

According to the Xceed Preparatory Academy-Weston Head of School Kenneth Bass, teaching is not a job; it is a way of life.

Entering his 35th year in education, Bass has gone from social studies teacher and athletic coach to principal and district leader. He spent most of his career in the public school system until he joined Xceed in 2018.

His favorite part of the job of Head of School is making a difference in students’ and families’ lives. In an interview with Authority Magazine, Bass recalled his own experience as a student who was impacted by a teacher. “I did not choose to become an educator, it chose me. I served as the editor of my high school newspaper and planned a career in journalism, but after my freshman year in college, I was inspired by a great professor and changed my major to history,” he shared.

Bass is proud to be able to use his experience in education to benefit his current students in Xceed’s relaxed and supportive environment. “Being a part of Xceed means that every day has something new and innovative to work on because we strive to be a disruptive force in education. Our educational model is unique and is adaptable to meet the needs of students,” he said. 

In fact, Xceed’s educational model and the efforts put in by Bass and the social studies teams across all Xceed campuses landed the school national attention during the President Inauguration.

“When NBC got wind of the fact that not only were we showing the Inauguration live to all of our students, but that we had two days of activities planned, including a debrief session that parents were invited to attend, we were approached about having a reporter sit in on the hybrid class,” said Bass. “The national education reporter for NBC News, Erin Einhorn, was a virtual participant in our debrief and included XPA in not one, but two stories about what we did as a school.”

As the 2021-22 school year quickly approaches, Bass shared he is excited about expanding extracurricular activities such as clubs, to help students learn and engage in new ways.

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