One Student’s Journey Towards Straight-A Success

Deciding to transfer to a new school is never an easy decision. However, for students like Kat Rodriguez, a senior at Xceed Preparatory Academy, it was necessary in order to excel academically.

After having experienced a traditional and rigid educational system, Kat realized that the conventional approach was actually inhibiting her ability to learn.

“I have ADHD and my previous school was not helpful to me,” Kat said. “I was learning less information, and I couldn’t get as much done.”

Since joining Xceed last year, Kat has become a straight-A student, which is something she was never able to say before.

The unique curriculum and flexibility at Xceed have been “super beneficial” for Kat finding her perfect learning style.

“When I get stressed it’s harder for me to get more done,” stated Kat. “Xceed has done a great job at relieving pressure off of students which helps them perform better.”

Kat shared that she has discovered a passion for health and appreciates that she is able to delve into real-life problems that can sometimes be overlooked at other schools.

While she understands that non-traditional school may not be for everyone, her academic performance and her overall well-being have improved greatly since transferring to Xceed.

“Some people benefit from traditional schooling, but a lot of kids nowadays don’t,” said Kat.

“If your child has problems paying attention or is easily stressed, then you should look into Xceed because it could completely change how your kid is at school,” says Kat. 

Learn more about Xceed’s personalized, flexible model of education here.