PODCAST TOUR: Dr. Brent Goldman, Xceed Founder and CEO

Dr. Brent Goldman, founder and CEO of Xceed, is a former public school educator who as a young teacher quickly recognized that the traditional model of education had become antiquated. He struggled to understand why, for almost 120 years, the same education model has been used with no regard for the fact that it no longer works and didn’t consider how students might want to learn or engage. So, 25 years ago, Dr. Goldman left public education and has since worked tirelessly to find a better way for students to learn.  

Over the past six months, Dr. Goldman has had the opportunity to share his passion for education, his views on the future of education and his experience with hybrid learning as a guest on several education and parenting podcasts. Through this podcast tour, he hopes that he can help parents better understand the options around school choice and the importance of giving their students a voice in their education. 

Here are a few of those podcasts. Take a listen!


GEMS is a podcast hosted by Genesis Amaris Kemp where she discusses real topics with real people. Her goal is to cut through the fluff, bring transparency to each conversation, and showcase authenticity. Her mission is to educate, inspire and motivate others through powerful stories. 

Dr. Goldman joined Genesis to discuss his mission to disrupt traditional education. 

Disrupting Education with Dr. Brent Goldman 


Edu-Me podcast strives to bridge the gap between parents and schools. Host Punam Saxena discusses everything from volunteering to what you need to know about the high school years to surviving the holidays. Her goal is to empower parents and students to become well-versed partners in their schools. 

Dr. Goldman joined Edu-Me to discuss flexible, personalized education and why he feels the public education system is broken. 

What’s Your Plan B in Education?


Brainy Moms podcast is a weekly parenting podcast with smart ideas to help moms and kids thrive! Hosted by cognitive psychologist Dr. Amy Moore and child development researcher Teri Miller, each episode features conversations with guest experts in parenting, psychology, child development and education. The mission of Brainy Moms is to share practical tips to help moms navigate the ups and downs of parenthood. 

Dr. Goldman joined Brainy Moms to discuss the benefits of the hybrid learning approach and why he believes it’s the future of education.

Hybrid Schools: The Future of Learning? with Guest Dr. Brent Goldman


On the Break It To Make It podcast, Dr. Brent Goldman discusses his early career as a public school teacher, the danger of labeling students and how these experiences led to his disruption of traditional education with the hybrid, flexible model Xceed offers.
The Break It To Make It podcast, features people who have thrown out the rule book, failed forwards or taken the road less traveled to come out on top.

As more podcast episodes become available, they will be shared on the Xceed Facebook page, so be sure to visit regularly.