Sisters Bond While Excelling in Different Pathways at Xceed

With mounting academic and societal pressures weighing on many teenagers, Eric Levin recognized his daughters, Sofia and Alex, needed a change in their school environment.

“The girls’ old school was too big with too many distractions,” shared Eric. “There was too much homework, stress and anxiety that came along with it, so I began looking for another option.”

When he discovered and researched Xceed Preparatory Academy-Kendall/Pinecrest, he was intrigued with the model.

“I liked that both girls’ needs would be met with personalized learning plans,” Eric said. “I also was interested in the fact that students at Xceed do not have homework because they take classes at their own pace. This gives us more time together as a family and allows for them to pursue interests outside of school, if they’d like.”

Siblings With Different Learning Styles

Although Alex, 14, is a freshman, she has been working through her classes to keep up with Sofia, 16, and their shared sophomore friends.

“Since we can go to campus at the same time, I became closer with Sofia’s friends,” Alex shared. “My goal is to graduate early so we can all be together.”

Alex, who has ADHD, appreciates the opportunity at Xceed to take charge of her learning and likes being able to focus on her work.

“The environment at Xceed is super chill,” Alex added. “You don’t have to worry about anything else like our friends at other schools do. We can just do our work and not get distracted.”

Sofia agrees: “I love the flexible schedule because we can choose when we go in to meet with the teachers or work with our friends. It is easygoing because even though Alex and I are in different grades and classes, we can still be together all day if we want.”

Preparation for College

“I’ve seen much more interest in school from both girls since they started at Xceed,” Eric claimed. “They’re focused and the courses at Xceed are relevant to what they want to study post-high school.”

Both Sofia and Alex would like to attend the University of Miami: Sofia for science and Alex for business.

“I’ve really enjoyed my chemistry and forensic science classes at Xceed,” noted Sofia. “I was recently accepted into the University of Miami’s Shark Research Summer Scholars Program. I’ll earn six college credits this summer in Emerging Technologies and Field Studies.”

Alex was also accepted into a University of Miami Summer Scholars Program: “I’m enrolled in the Business Academy’s Entrepreneurship Crash Course at the University of Miami this summer,” explained Alex. “I’m excited to learn more about what it takes to run a successful business.”

“Both girls are prepared not just for the Summer Scholars Program at the University of Miami, but for college, in general, because of Xceed,” said Eric. “Students can go back and redo and perfect an assignment, so they fully understand and comprehend it; the focus is on mastery. They are not getting left behind at any point because they are being taught the skills they need to completely grasp a topic, which will serve them well not only at college, but beyond. Xceed has it right.”

Responsive Environment

“There is a high level of understanding from the teachers,” Eric continued. “They support students working ahead and help if they fall behind. The pacing is excellent. I love that, as a parent, I can see the girls’ progress online. This helps us plan together, as a family, for not only school, but our own activities.”

“Our teachers are always there to help,” added Sofia. “I like being able to work with them one-on-one if I need it.”

“I’m also impressed with the responsiveness of Head of School Miriam Rube, as well as the teachers,” shared Eric. “They thoroughly answer any questions that I have in a timely manner, which reinforces the strength of a smaller school.”

Inclusive Education for the Family

“What I’m also impressed with are the various community service challenges and special programming Xceed puts on such as Black History Month and Holocaust Remembrance Day,” added Eric. “Parents can log in, watch and participate, which is pretty incredible. I learn quite a bit from each activity, and it gives me yet another opportunity to engage with my children and their learning.”

To learn more about Xceed Preparatory Academy’s model of education for middle and high school students, visit our Educational Model page.