Xceed Students

There’s more than one way to do school.

Two of the biggest drawbacks in the traditional school model are its rigid class and daily schedule and the fact that class sizes always limit the personal attention any one student can get from their teacher. These are not the only outdated, unhelpful aspects to the school model, but even those two issues can create a host of other hurdles to learning. 

Students who are struggling to fit into the old system will thrive at Xceed. We prioritize individual and family needs. Everyone makes their own flexible schedule and works at their own pace to successfully reach goals of their Personalized Learning Plan.

The Head of School and teachers know every student and their learning needs personally. Even more, they know each student’s college and career goals in detail — because they are playing an active, daily role in helping students make progress toward where they want to be.

Students and parents find a welcoming and completely supportive community at each of our campuses. We have noticed that students with scheduling needs outside of the traditional school day find extra benefits at Xceed because of our unique approach to a customized and flexible plan for each student. Xceed is all about getting students out of boxes — not putting them in new ones. Which of these categories fits you best?

Competitive Athletics and Performing Arts

Athletes and artists, especially at the elite level where college and professional careers are a possibility, need so much time for practice, travel, and competition. In the traditional school model, it’s almost impossible not to fall behind academically. Serious athletes and artists shouldn’t need to choose between pursuing the thing they love or fitting everyone else’s academic schedule, but that’s often the case.

Xceed can help.

Let’s build a schedule just for you that balances your studies, practice, travel, performance, and everything else in a way that works the way you need it to work.

You’ll get individual support where you need it and learn in a community of other students who get it because they have similar goals and interests as you.

We can help you find the right college to keep developing athletically or artistically — and a path to get there.

Unique Learning Needs

If you’ve found that the traditional classroom setting just isn’t working for you, you’re not alone. Many students have a hard time focusing or taking tests, and it can feel hopeless and frustrating — especially when you know you can do the work if things were more flexible for you. We get it!

Xceed has a better way. 

Let’s talk about what would help you learn the way you’re wired to learn and make school fit you — not the other way around!

You’ll have the time, space, and resources you need to do the work, including one-on-one help from your teachers.

We are in this with you, every step of the way, so we can adjust the plan and approach until we find something that works for you.

Stuck Waiting for Everyone Else

For so many students, school is boring or frustrating because they are just sitting around, waiting for others to catch up. Sound familiar? Part of the reason it is so frustrating is that they know they could be getting ahead for college or their personal goals if they could just work at their own pace. 

Xceed has a solution.

We will let you set the pace for your learning — if you want to push hard and get ahead, we’re ready to support you.

Let’s explore subject areas you’re interested in focusing on right now and what that might prepare you for in college and a career.

You will find peers and friends here who are moving ahead of the curve, just like you, and that fuels everyone’s progress and success.

Not Reaching Their True Potential

Sometimes, everything seems fine with a student in their current school situation. No big problems. If they need a little help, they get things figured out. But they are bored or distracted. The C’s and B’s they usually make are limiting their college options, but it’s hard to know exactly what to do about it. Not for us. Over and over again we have seen that bored students will focus and get excited about their work and future if they get the right kind of attention and support in the classroom. That’s how students discover and start reaching for their own true potential. 

Xceed has a lot to offer. 

We can help you bump your grades from C’s and B’s to A’s and open up a whole new tier of college and career opportunities in the future.

We will find the subjects that interest you the most and help you maximize your development in those and other core academic areas.

Let us show you a new way to experience school when you study and grow with classmates who are also working to reach their real potential.

A Better Look at Xceed’s Benefits

Again, these are just some of the kinds of struggles and situations that our re-engineered model for teaching and learning can solve. So much of middle and high school is about discovering your true interests and who you really are as an individual. This personal development journey is  just as important as making great grades and achieving academic success. Let Xceed provide a safe community to learn and grow while on your journey. You will be supported and be a part of supporting other students, too. 

There is one thing you can do that will help you understand all the benefits we’ve been talking about and more — come to Xceed for a private tour. We’ll introduce you to the Head of School, teachers, and students. When you step into a classroom at Xceed, you just get the simplicity and the value of what we have built for today’s learners. 

We are excited to meet you one day soon, so explore your tour options today.