Former XPA Tennis Star Transfers to XA and Continues His Studies in Taiwan

When Arthur Chen arrived in the United States to attend a local tennis academy in 8th grade, his coach pointed him in the direction of Xceed Preparatory Academy for his high school years because of its reputation for flexible scheduling, personalized learning plans and an excellent educational experience.

“When I was at XPA, it was easy to manage my schedule and fit both tennis and academics into each school day,” Arthur shared. “It is a really friendly learning environment and my math teacher, Mr. Majewski and my English teacher, Mr. Baughman, helped me a lot during my time there.”

In March 2020, as the pandemic began locking down countries, Arthur returned to Taiwan, continuing his studies remotely with XPA before switching to Xceed Anywhere when it opened in July.

“I was really happy to be able to continue my studies with Xceed Anywhere when I came back to Taiwan and joined a tennis academy here,” Arthur said. “I typically train all day and study at night, and even with the time difference, my teachers are always willing to help me, encouraging me to learn and grow.”

Arthur hopes to soon return to the United States and continue his studies with Xceed Anywhere while training for a future tennis career.

“My goals are to go to Stanford, play tennis, study math and then turn pro,” Arthur continued. “I know through the one-on-one class sessions I get at Xceed and with the encouragement of my teachers, I can reach those goals.”

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