One Student’s Dream Internship with the Miami Dolphins

Most teenage boys can only dream of the chance to work for the National Football League (NFL) and to do it while still in high school is almost impossible – almost.

For the last year, senior Kyle Crossman (Weston Campus) has had a paid internship with the Miami Dolphins.

“I started working with the Dolphins last year during training camp,” said Kyle. “Apparently, I did a really good job because they said I was great and asked me to come back.”

Kyle spends every Friday working with the Dolphins video staff to record practices and games, then preparing various clips as needed by the Dolphins or opposing teams. These clips help the teams to review and improve on various plays.

“Let’s say the Cardinals are playing and there was a phenomenal play in the second quarter, and they want to review that clip. It’s our job to edit that clip out and make it presentable for review,” shared Kyle.

While working for an NFL team at such a young age is a dream come true, it does come with some sacrifices. Each Friday, Kyle’s day starts at 4 a.m. and doesn’t end until approximately 1 p.m. Something that wouldn’t be possible if Kyle attended a traditional school.

“If I went to a traditional school and had to go to work on Friday, I’d miss too much,” Kyle stated. “It wouldn’t just be about what I missed, but I’d have to have everything explained to me. I’d slowly fall behind. I’d get caught up on one thing and be lost on another.”

When it comes to the benefits and drawbacks of the various education models, Kyle knows from experience. He has gone to traditional public and private schools and finally enrolled at Xceed for his senior year.

“From first to eighth grade, I went to public school,” said Kyle. “During my final year in Buffalo, New York and for that last few years in Florida, I have gone to private school.”

While Kyle and his family feel Xceed was the “smartest call” when choosing where to finish his high school career and Kyle is very happy with the choice, the transition from a traditional classroom to a hybrid one did take some adjustment.

“At first, it was hard,” Kyle stated. “Changing schools and then moving to a hybrid model. It was a bit overwhelming, but as time goes on and you get into classes more and more, it becomes second nature.”

Even with the initial struggle, Kyle believes Xceed can be an excellent fit for every student willing to change their mindset about how education should look.

“If you’re too comfortable with traditional public school, then I don’t think Xceed would be an ideal school for you,” said Kyle. “But if you’re willing to try, to put in the work, then I think you will be surprised.”

“It’s very rewarding.”