Teacher Profile: Deanna Robbins

A career in innovative education was always in the cards for Deanna Robbins, an Xceed Anywhere teacher.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University, she was hired by Sylvan Learning Center when she was only 21. Deanna quickly moved into the Director of Education position where she hired and trained all teachers, met with parents and oversaw students’ learning plans. She also gained experience working with children from different backgrounds, learning styles and levels.

Four-and-a-half years later, Deanna left Sylvan to raise her family, but continued working as a private tutor for sisters who were performers and not able to go to school on traditional schedules.

“The sisters were in a vertical curriculum program with University of Miami Global, so I became very familiar with new ways of teaching and learning,” said Deanna.

Deanna, who also has a master’s degree in education from the University of West Florida and a certification in math, then spent four years in a brick-and-mortar school until an opportunity arose with Xceed Anywhere.

“I love how I can impact students in small group settings or in one-on-one sessions,” Deanna shared. “Students learn in their own way, and at Xceed Anywhere, it’s our culture to meet them where they are and help them get to the next level.”

Deanna noted that although she is teaching virtually, she feels just as, if not more connected to her students.

“Being on Microsoft Teams, we still have the interaction of a physical classroom,” said Deanna. “I can see my students, watch their facial expressions and talk to them as if we were in-person. They know I’m here for them no matter what.”

Although other schools and teachers struggled with remote learning over the last year, Deanna mastered Xceed Anywhere’s virtual classroom, integrating tools that work best for her students.

“I use Miro, a whiteboard app, that enables us to work on a problem or project at the same time—just as if we were in a classroom, working on the whiteboard together,” Deanna explained. “Outside of class, we use the Remind app for student and family engagement and Google Voice, so students can reach me when they need help or have a question they’d like to work through.”

Not only is Xceed Anywhere a great fit for Deanna’s professional background, but the model also works well for her personal life.

“As a mom, having the flexibility of working from home is very important to me,” remarked Deanna. “The Xceed Anywhere model allows me to make a direct impact on students’ lives from all over the world, while being present in my own children’s lives. It’s a win-win environment for me.”

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