International Sibling Tennis Stars Find Their Footing at Xceed

Moving is typically an extremely stressful time. However, moving from Canada to the U.S., right before the start of the school year and during a pandemic, is the epitome of stress.

“We looked at many schools, but they either didn’t get back to us or they didn’t have programs that would fit my children’s tennis schedules,” shared Tigisti Zere, mom to Alem and Matthew Cote. “My daughter found Xceed Preparatory Academy-Coral Springs through a friend at the Saviano High Performance Tennis Academy and we were excited to learn that not only does Xceed fit with their tennis schedules, but it also provides an excellent education!”

Now, almost a year into their time at Xceed, the siblings have time to reflect on what’s different about Xceed. “At my old school, my teachers would be upset when I would have to leave for a tennis tournament,” said Alem, 14. “I would come back and they wouldn’t even ask how I did. At Xceed, they care about me as both a student and an athlete.”

Matthew, 16, added, “The teachers at Xceed are very nice and understanding. They’re in-tune with students and very experienced in the subjects they teach. They’re not only patient but helpful and flexible, which takes a lot of pressure off of me.”

“It used to be really stressful trying to compete, knowing, in the back of my mind that I had to go back to school and take a test,” continued Alem. “Now, I can easily focus on school when I need to and on tennis when I need to.”

Tigisti noted that the Xceed admissions process was extremely efficient and fast with communication…and that hasn’t changed since her children enrolled.

“Lisa Satz in Admissions was so easy to work with as we were getting started, and Mrs. Smith, the Head of School in Coral Springs, and the children’s teachers are all very responsive,” Tigisti said. “Mrs. Smith is also incredibly motivating and encouraging, especially when Alem was injured. She did everything she could to keep her spirits up.”

“Mrs. Smith is very easy to talk to,” Matthew continued. “All of the teachers are awesome, and I especially like Mr. Deif, my math teacher. He is really passionate and I like getting one-on-one time with him to learn more about a particular topic.”

Although they aren’t yet seniors, the Cote siblings already have post-graduation dreams and are confident Xceed can help get them there: Matthew would like to attend Duke or USC to study finance or investment banking and Alem has her eyes set on UCLA to study business before turning pro. 

To learn more about Xceed Preparatory Academy’s flexible educational model, please click here.