“Amazing school! Xceed has made such an incredible impact on my son. His confidence has been drastically raised, he’s come out of his shell with others and he truly enjoys going to school! Not every child is fit for public school and this is where Xceed comes to the rescue!”

-Michelle Lippman, Xceed Parent

“As a parent, all we can ask for any school is that they provide a safe and educational environment for our child. Xceed goes so far beyond that. My son looks forward to going to school each day. He has progressed so much now that he enjoys school. At dinner, he shared with us that each and every day Mr. Bass the head of his campus comes around to each student to check in and offer encouragement for the day. His teachers take the time to ensure he understands his assignments and offer assistance when needed. As a parent, I am so please with the communication from his teachers, getting regular updates on his progress. All this and he has the flexibility to pursue his athletic career. Being able to work virtually with teacher assistance via online meetings allows him to travel to competitions and works around his practice schedule.  Moving him to Xceed was by far the best educational decision we could have made and we just wanted to share our experience and give a huge shout out to all the entire staff at Xceed for making his experience there outstanding. Thank you for all you do Our Educational Heroes!”

-Gary J., Xceed Parent

“Finding Xceed has been a breath of fresh air in so many ways. A non-traditional learning system that works so efficiently, and is 100% more effective than Brick and Mortar, has eased my stress. Making sure my daughter gains the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to be accepted in the schools she desires to attend, has increased dramatically. I have no doubt those goals will be accomplished and attained.

For the first time in many years, my daughter said ”Mom I really like school.”Besides being in complete shock, I was floored because it wasn’t prompted with the question of “How was school today?” Knowing you made the right decision as a parent, is priceless.

The staff, predominantly Mr. Bass, has been absolutely amazing! The enrollment process was effortless as was the transition. Communication was direct and swift, finally I didn’t feel like a student ID number. They understand these children have very different lives and schedules but ensure that their education is a priority. Their system works as is reflected in their graduation rate. My only regret is I wish I had found them earlier in her education.”

-Asya Del Rosario, Xceed Parent

“The teachers at Xceed are amazing. They not only helped me transition in the middle of my semester, but they prepared me for college. I recommend Xceed to students who are interested in a smaller, more attentive learning environment where they can focus on both school and sports. You also have the time to research and learn more about a topic you’re interested in because of flexible scheduling and the opportunities to explore subjects with your teachers.”

-Bella Weary, Xceed DME Academy Alumni

“For the first time, I felt heard and understood as a parent. I knew that Riley would be supported at Xceed…”“It’s very flexible on your time; obviously, you have due dates, but I use the due dates just to keep me on track with where I am. You go at your own pace. If I need to take a little bit more time on something, it’s not like a normal school; I can take a whole afternoon just on that one subject,” 

-Lauryn, Xceed Virtual School Parent

“Xceed has given me the support and flexibility to be able to train daily to pursue my goal of playing college tennis. The wonderful teachers and administration give you all the necessary tools to prepare you for higher education and to be successful in and out of the classroom. I couldn’t have done it without them!”

-Francesca Aguirre, Xceed Student

“What’s different about Xceed is that it is student-centered, unlike so many other schools,” Annabel shared. “They listen to students and genuinely care about them. They don’t run the school like a business—they meet students where they’re at.”“It’s very flexible on your time; obviously, you have due dates, but I use the due dates just to keep me on track with where I am. You go at your own pace. If I need to take a little bit more time on something, it’s not like a normal school; I can take a whole afternoon just on that one subject,” 

-Annabel Claprood, Xceed Alumni

“It’s very flexible on your time; obviously, you have due dates, but I use the due dates just to keep me on track with where I am. You go at your own pace. If I need to take a little bit more time on something, it’s not like a normal school; I can take a whole afternoon just on that one subject.”

-Sebastian Montoya, Xceed Student

“Both girls are prepared not just for the Summer Scholars Program at the University of Miami, but for college, in general, because of Xceed,” said Eric. Students can go back and redo and perfect an assignment, so they fully understand and comprehend it; the focus is on mastery. They are not getting left behind at any point because they are being taught the skills they need to completely grasp a topic, which will serve them well not only at college, but beyond. Xceed has it right.”

-Eric Levin, Xceed Parent

“Yes, Xceed is a college prep school, but it also prepares students well for entrepreneurship. Students are taught how to prioritize, how to manage their own time, how to focus on specific projects and how to structure their days—skills you need to run a successful business.”

-Gabe Lorenzetti, Xceed Alumni

“At my old school, my teachers would be upset when I would have to leave for a tennis tournament. I would come back and they wouldn’t even ask how I did. At Xceed, they care about me as both a student and an athlete.”

-Alem, Xceed Student

“The best educational decision I’ve made for my child. My boy now loves school! A huge change!!! He is challenged, encouraged, supported, and learning responsibility plus independence while experiencing a top-notch education. Fabulous teachers and administrators. A real-world educational model that treats students and parents with respect, dignity, and the flexibility needed in life. Xceed Prep is safe, innovative, and excellent. I can’t say enough!

-Laurie G., Xceed Parent

“Love Xceed Prep. My boys have been there 3 years, my eldest starting his senior year. There is nothing better. Works with my schedule and makes life so much easier!! Excellent school, teachers and safe.”

-Alexandra L., Xceed Parent

“We would like to inform you about our fantastic experience with your organization. Our son attended Xceed/DME this past school year and has additionally just completed summer courses. We are originally from N.J. and It was a huge leap of faith for us to allow out son to leave N.J. and attend DME/Xceed in FL (1000 miles away from home). We heard so many negative things about the education system in FL, but educators like Mrs. Ana Gonzalez & Mr. David Swibilus quickly dismissed these negative connotations and put our minds at ease.
These educators have truly have gone above and beyond to assist our son acclimate to his new learning environment and they have supported him academically and ensured that he grasped  and comprehended all of the concepts presented to him throughout the school year. 
Additionally, these wonderful educators always kept us, the parents, informed and engaged in the education process. We are confident that our son Sal will continue to thrive at Xceed and that he will be prepared for the next step in his academic career (college) thanks to engaged, caring and proactive educators like Mrs. Gonzalez and Mr. Swibilus.
We truly appreciate that Xceed has taken the time to vet their teachers and employ such dedicated professionals! We look forward to Sal’s continued education with Xceed and working with great educators like Mrs. Ana Gonzalez and Mr. David Swebilius, they are the epitome of what a dedicated teacher should be!
Again, thank you from the Pedevillano family, we truly appreciate all that these educators do for their students.”

-Pedevillano Family, Xceed Family

“As a parent, I am delighted to be able to say that Xceed is a gem. It boasts competent, caring teachers and staff, a cheerful environment that is very conducive to learning, and a first-rate curriculum that is tailored to each student’s interests and capabilities in a way that is truly best in class.”

-Steve K., Xceed Parent

“We are so happy to have found Xceed! Our daughter is in 11th grade and was beyond stressed out in her private high school. As a dancer, with ballet six days per week, it was literally impossible to complete the 4-6 hours of homework for her AP and Honors level classes. When her anxiety and high stress levels started to take a toll on her physical and mental health, we knew we needed to make a change. We transferred her to Xceed and they were able to transfer all her classes that she wanted/needed to keep.

It has now been a few months and her quality of life has improved greatly. She goes into Xceed for a few hours each day and rarely has homework. The onsite teachers are very helpful and always available. It’s amazing how much faster she can learn and get through her lessons without the tedious busy work that traditional school curriculums often have.

I highly recommend Xceed to anyone looking for a change. It’s a great way to alleviate unnecessary school stress and a great place for those who need to make their own schedule due to sports schedules or performing arts training.”

-A satisfied parent

“I love having the flexibility to move my schedule around which lets me spend more time doing what I love.”

-Mille S., Xceed Student

“For my daughter this is a great school. Very motivating and the teachers are very professional and experienced. How they teach and the attention they give their students is beyond what I expected. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming. We simply love Xceed.”

-Hege S., Xceed Parent

“Competitive student athletes must strike a delicate balance between the time dedicated to training, travelling, and academics. At Xceed Preparatory Academy my daughter has been able to do this with the help of her teachers and the implementation of a personalized learning approach to academics. She now has the flexibility to train two sessions per day and travel to competitions around the world without compromising her educational goals. Whenever an international event or competition comes up, my daughter discusses her travel schedule with her counselor and her academic workload is adjusted accordingly. This allows my daughter to pursue her dreams in sports without falling behind in her schoolwork. The blended model used at Xceed in which online learning is combined with live academic coaches allows for student interactions and collaboration in a manner that is not available in other online academic settings. Students can work on projects together and develop socialization skills that are necessary to be successful when they enter college. I am very satisfied with Xceed’s approach to academics and flexibility and highly recommend the school to any parent of a student that participates in sports at a competitive level.”

-A satisfied parent

“The best! Xceed prep has been a light in the darkness for our family. We are new to Miami and our son was drowning in the public high school. We were not able to get the attention we needed from the public schools. He was ready to drop out and not finish his senior year. We were lucky enough to find Xceed and connect with Paul Rehage, the head of school there. He helped to create a plan and environment where our son felt supported and inspired to finish his senior year. He graduates in a few days!!! Xceed is a blessing! Great program, great people. Try it, you will be glad you did.”

-Angie B., Xceed Parent

“Absolutely life changing experience for our family! We love the personalized attention and our son loves the individualized schedule, loves being able to move ahead when he’s ready! Thank you to Ms. Betty and Mr. G and ALL the wonderful people at Xceed!”

-Leslie B., Xceed Parent

“So Grateful for Xceed! They are interested in my child’s success, and do what they say they will do. Every single teacher and staff member is part of the educational team and together discovered my son’s interests and motivated him to learn after years of punishment because he didn’t fit the typical education and classroom mold. My son is so bright – and has found a place to challenge that creativity and brightness, to bring out his best. It’s not just the model – which again the flexibility is so helpful – it is the entire platform from caring, interested staff, a curriculum that will challenge the student but also allow them the time and assistance they need to reach beyond their expectations, and a peaceful, inviting environment that allows him to take ownership of his workspace and be interested in his own education.”

-A satisfied parent

“Excellent option for kids who needs flexible schedule! The teachers and director are great. My son is very motivated and happy with the support and environment.”

-Paula S., Xceed Parent

“We are so happy to have found Xceed! My child was stressed out beyond belief at a local private high school with homework overload from AP and Honors classes. The pressure was throwing her over the edge. We moved her to Xceed in November and her life and stress changed completely. She was able to make her own schedule and was able to effectively get everything done on her own pace and not have homework and stress. The teacher support and college counseling at Xceed is amazing. She just finished 11th grade and is looking forward to 12th grade at Xceed.”

-A satisfied parent

“The best decision I made. I switched my daughter mid-year from homeschooling to Xceed and it has been amazing. The one on one attention she received boosted her confidence. Her flexible hours made it possible to travel with her as a family when we need to go for business. The staff is always so kind and helpful. I recommend this school to any parent who open to a new and more convenient way of learning. They have it figured out.”

-Danielle S., Xceed Parent

“This is an incredible place. The staff is friendly and very professional. Their teachers are knowledgeable and very encouraging. I never thought my daughter was an “online” student but she has proven me wrong. She just loves this school and enjoys every day she goes in. It’s super flexible and it fits our life perfectly. I strongly recommend this place.”

-A satisfied parent

“So grateful that that this school was recommended to us. What an absolutely positive change for both my boys and our family. The school staff has such a positive attitude and their willingness to make sure my boys have the individualized attention when needed, is fabulous. Both my boys LOVE that their schedule is flexible, and that they can learn at their own pace without all that extra stress. Both boys have a totally different attitude towards school and learning now, POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE.”

-A satisfied parent

“Xceed has given my family the flexibility and opportunities that public school can not offer. As travel hockey players, my sons often have late practices or out of town tournaments. We have the comfort of knowing that they can work at a faster pace prior to a tournament, take their lessons with them, or catch up when they return to school. We don’t have to stress about missing school or falling behind and are able to take an extra day or 2 when traveling to explore a new city and enjoy family time. They can sleep in a little and be more focused when they are better rested. The teachers have spent a lot of time working 1 on 1 with my children, especially when they are struggling with a subject. The teachers monitor their progress to ensure they remain on pace. There are NO HOMEWORK BATTLES! It’s been a great experience for our family.”

-The Long Family

“Xceed Preparatory Academy has allowed my son to train and compete at the highest level of competition in tennis while also providing him with a first-class education. Xceed is the best school for parents that have a son or daughter with a unique talent or academic goal looking to pursue and focus on that talent or goal while going to a school with a balanced, flexible and challenging academic environment. Thank you, TEAM XCEED!!!!!”

-A satisfied parent

“Love it and knowing that Xceed allows flexibility with scheduling sets Xceed apart. Our 6th grader is being challenged academically and that’s is very important to us more than anything. Family atmosphere and everyone cares”

-A satisfied parent

“Xceed Prep is a fantastic school experience for 6th -12th grade. No wasted time transferring classes, longer focused time on each subject for better retention and a complete support staff to insure the teachers and student have the best possible chance of success. Mr. Bass provides a safe, secure environment for kids to thrive. It’s the best scholastic experience I have had the pleasure to witness. Thank you Xceed.”

-DB, Xceed Parent

“Our daughter, has an auditory processing disorder and with a standard education model she was struggling. The move to Xceed initially in Coral Springs and now in Weston has been a wonderful education model. She is able to move at her pace and the support from the “Coaches”(teachers) has been tremendous. The teachers have provided the correct instructional level allowing Darby to be successful. Xceed also allowed our daughter to be the first student to dual enroll at Broward College and by the time she graduates in 2020 she will have the potential of 18 college credits. Xceed Preparatory Academy has allowed her to enjoy learning and learn to be independent in accomplishing the requirements for high school, college and life. Thank you to all of the staff at Xceed that have touched her life and restore her faith in education and learning.”

-Lin N., Xceed Parent