The Freedom of Blended Learning Offers Student the Opportunity to Excel In Tennis

Every Student at Xceed understands the importance of a quality education, but they also understand the importance of having the flexibility to follow their passions outside of the classroom.

Solomon Giles, an 18-year-old student on the Weston campus, is one of those students. First and foremost, he sees himself as a semi-pro tennis player working towards a professional career.

“I have been playing tennis since I was five,” stated Solomon. “Starting next year, I will be playing professionally.”

Solomon started at Xceed in the eighth grade after his dad began looking for a school that would allow him to continue playing tennis without falling behind academically.

“The public school I was attending wasn’t working with my tennis schedule and travel,” said Solomon. “I was missing so many school days.”

When Solomon and his dad met with the Weston campus administration, they were pleased to learn that Solomon could choose his schedule that would work with his travel schedule without causing him to fall behind in class.

“I knew Xceed was going to be perfect for me,” Solomon stated.

The flexibility and freedom of Xceed’s hybrid model initially drew Solomon to enroll and it continues to be his favorite aspect.

“The freedom Xceed gives you to do everything at your own pace and not be stuck to a specific schedule is what makes it such a great school,” Solomon said.

While Solomon has excelled during his four years at Xceed, he admits that the transition from public school to a private hybrid setting was challenging at first.

“It was tough for sure,” said Solomon. “But you eventually get into a rhythm and begin to feel comfortable with it. Since starting at Xceed, my grades are better and my tennis has gotten better.”

Solomon believes the most significant difference at Xceed and what has helped him progress so rapidly is how personal the education is, how everyone knows everyone, and that everyone at Xceed is there to help you do your best.

Nowhere is that personal touch more evident for Solomon than in his relationship with his history teacher Mr. Anderson.

“Mr. Anderson gets me,” said Solomon. He’s able to keep me focused because that’s one thing I kind of struggle with a little bit and he keeps me on track all the time. He’s just a good person.”

Solomon believes that Xceed is an excellent option for students looking for more flexibility and freedom in their education. Still, he wants parents and students to be prepared to transition from a more traditional school setting.

“I would tell parents looking to enroll their student that it is going to be tough for their child at first,” he said. “But to help ease them into Xceed, you can set up a schedule where they come to campus to get their work done and then allow them more freedom and flexibility with their schedule as they get into a rhythm.”

“Xceed has helped me do so much more than I ever could have at a traditional school,” Solomon added. “I’m able to practice tennis in the morning then do my school work; there is no chance I could do that anywhere else. Without Xceed, I wouldn’t be competing at a high level and my skill level wouldn’t be where it is today.”