Accelerated Student and Competitive Wrestler Excels at Xceed

Elizabeth Perez knew that her son, Daniel, was a motivated child. Not only was he a competitive wrestler and active in the Boy Scouts, but he also excelled at school.

However, as he got older and began taking more advanced classes, Daniel’s homework load often meant he was staying up until 10pm at night to complete it—despite having mastered the content during the school day.

“At that point, I knew we had to look for an option that didn’t hold him back from his studies or from wrestling,” said Elizabeth. “I didn’t want him sitting in a class of 30 students waiting for others to catch up, and I wanted him to have time for learning, wrestling, friends and his family. And that’s how we found Xceed.”

Daniel started at Xceed Preparatory Academy in 2019 when he was in 8th grade. Less than two years later, he is thriving in 10th grade and plans on taking advantage of Xceed Anywhere’s summer program where he can take an additional two classes.

“The teachers at Xceed have created a college-like environment,” said Daniel. “They treat me like an adult, allowing me to work ahead or plan my schoolwork around wrestling.”

Elizabeth agreed: “When he goes to college, I have zero worries because he’s been at Xceed where he has been prepared with the technology, time management skills and ownership of his schedule.”

“If you get good grades at Xceed, it’s because you’ve done the work; you’ve earned it,” shared Daniel. “You don’t have to worry about keeping up with anyone because you do your own thing, and you don’t have to compare yourself to others—it’s a really inclusive environment. The teachers genuinely care about their students.”

“At Xceed, teachers get back to him within 30 minutes—I’ve never seen that with any of my children who went to different schools,” added Elizabeth.

But what I love the most is that he goes to school, gets his work done there and not only has time for his outside activities, but also for his family. Xceed gives all of us flexibility.

When asked what she tells other parents about Xceed, Elizabeth said, “If your child can be responsible, I encourage anyone to give it a try. This is the way education should be.”