Twin Race Car Drivers Excel With Xceed

If you think you’re seeing double when you meet the Famularo brothers, it’s because Anthony and Alessandro are twins. The pair travel the world in pursuit of their passion: Formula 4 race car driving.

The 18-year-old Venezuelan-born brothers have attended Xceed Preparatory Academy and now its virtual sister school, Xceed Anywhere since 2019. They are slated to graduate in May.

Anthony and Alessandro said their parents, Gregorio and Clemenzia, couldn’t be happier with the quality of education their sons are receiving.

“They think Xceed is amazing, and not just because of the flexibility, but the way our teachers treat us,” said Alessandro.

Both brothers admitted attending school in the traditional sense is difficult for them because of their intense training and competition schedules.

As championship drivers, they are often found on the test track or honing their skills on a simulator training program.

Speaking for his brother, Anthony said teachers’ accessibility and one-on-one approach at Xceed allow them to simultaneously earn good grades and compete in championships around the world.

“I say this because we attended in-person school when we lived in Venezuela and found it extremely difficult to be good students and stay competitive in racing at the same time,” he said.

Drivers who master the open wheel FIAF4 race car are traveling at speeds up to 165 miles per hour. No one going that fast would want to spare critical training time, juggling a rigid, six- to eight-hour school day, five days a week.

Luckily, the Famularos don’t have to, managing to complete age-appropriate coursework at Xceed in about two hours a day—all from their laptops wherever in the world they may be.

They have been learning Shakespeare and honors algebra on classes taught in virtual sessions with grading and feedback on tests and coursework stream in daily.

“We travel to Europe once a month. Our teachers are always understanding of our hectic schedule and help us learn the material no matter what time zone we’re in,” the brothers said.

Due to their heavy training and travel schedules, the brothers have delayed applying to college for this fall but hope to enroll at Boston University in 2022. “That’s where our sister goes and we know having received a high-quality education at Xceed Anywhere, it gives us an excellent chance at being accepted,” said Alessandro.

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