The Xceed Difference.

Xceed benefits that set us apart from other schools

Work life balance

Limited lesson planning and grading

No cafeteria or carpool duty

Safe work environment

Non-traditional day

Supported by administration and leadership team

Valued and respected as a professional

Competitive salary and benefits

Respectful and supportive environment

        Hear what Xceed teachers have to say…

        Prioritizing Teachers’ Wellbeing

        “The classroom should always be interactive and engaging. I consider myself a facilitator – the students also teach me,” Saunders said.

        Saunders believes that this holistic approach to teaching extends to teachers as well. “It is very clear to me that Xceed is people-first. As teachers, they recognize we are actually people too—people with families,” Saunders said. “Xceed allows me to be a teacher again, and I’m just so excited to come to work every day.”

        Sakina Saunders

        English Teacher

        Helping Students Find Themselves

        “Mr. Kinsey enjoys teaching at Xceed because of the eclectic group of students he gets to work with every day. While most of them already have their life goals in mind, he appreciates having the opportunity to assist them explore a wider world and where they fit into it.”

        Jeremy Kinsey

        English Teacher

        One-On-One Connections

        “Xceed’s philosophy of small groups and one-on-one learning, I thought was amazing,” said Alysha. “When I was in school, I struggled with trying to stay focused for long periods, with a lot of other kids. So the fact that Xceed students can pace things out as they like and spend extra time on one topic if needed instead of just racing through, however fast the teacher goes, I thought that was remarkable.”

        “I enjoy being able to spend more time teaching my students and make sure they get the most out of it,” said Alysha. “Also, that one-on-one connection is so important. You can get someone where they need to go a lot quicker when you make a personal connection. So when you’re talking to a student and they know about you and you know about them on a personal level, they’re more likely to come to class and come talk to you about topics they may not understand.”

        Alysha Brunelle,

        Science Teacher

        Making a Difference

        “When we see our students successful beyond here, that is when we know we have done a good job.”

        “One of our students, who graduated last year, maintains contact…he calls on a monthly basis. To see his growth as a young man and to know that we here at Xceed had a hand in helping develop the tools and the confidence he needs to excel as a young adult… those are the things that are most rewarding to me,” Anderson said.

        “When you want to know dates in U.S. history you can pick up a book and read. Therefore, I challenge students to understand the context of history and apply ideas and historical concepts to their own lives. Beyond the courses I teach…I believe the best overall trait here at Xceed is our innate ability to deliver instruction in small groups and one-on-one settings. With this, I personally strive to inspire growth and a mindset that will make a difference in their lives beyond Xceed,” Anderson said.

        L.D. Anderson,

        Social Studies Teacher

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