Xceed Alumni Takes On College and Entrepreneurship

In 2017, during his sophomore year, Gabe Lorenzetti’s dad was relocated out of state and his family temporarily relocated to New York. To keep up with his schooling, Gabe transferred from his traditional high school to Florida Virtual Academy.

“I didn’t like Florida Virtual Academy, but it was too late to get into another school,” Gabe shared. “I ended up withdrawing and because I hadn’t completed any courses, I lost my entire sophomore year.”

Getting Back on Track

Gabe’s family ended up moving back to Florida and his mom looked for a different option for Gabe that could help get him back on track for graduation. She found Xceed Preparatory Academy-Coral Springs.

“We met with the Head of School at Coral Springs and I was excited that she was able to lay out an academic plan for me where I could graduate on time with my friends at other schools,” said Gabe. “Xceed’s format made it easier for me to catch up because I could move quickly through subjects I was good at, but spend more time on other classes that I had challenges with.”

In addition to his academic success at Xceed, Gabe’s parents were thrilled with what they observed.

“My parents were delighted with Xceed,” Gabe continued. “They were ecstatic to see that I was happy going to school. They saw positive changes in me after I started at Xceed and I certainly don’t argue with that!”

Supportive Environment

Although Gabe was on the fast track to graduation, he noted that going to school at Xceed Preparatory Academy was actually a relaxing experience.

“Many students see school as a chore or obligation,” Gabe pointed out. “But at Xceed, you’re taking classes on your own time, at your own pace, which reduces the typical stress of school. The focus is on mastering the content and building strong bonds with your teachers.”

Gabe also believes Xceed prepares students for the real world: “Sure, you can slack off, but there are consequences. You are treated like an adult and are given the opportunity to grow as a person. Xceed helped me mature a lot, not only in an educational sense, but personally, as well. You learn how to be a productive member of society.”

College and Entrepreneurship Preparation

After graduating—on-time—from Xceed Preparatory Academy in 2019, Gabe began working with his dad’s start-up business, NeoCare United, which helps people choose a career path that is ideal for their experiences and interests.

“Yes, Xceed is a college prep school, but it also prepares students well for entrepreneurship,” Gabe emphasized. “Students are taught how to prioritize, how to manage their own time, how to focus on specific projects and how to structure their days—skills you need to run a successful business.”

Gabe is now getting ready to jump into college life with both feet and is confident he will make a seamless transition after being out of school for almost two years.

“Xceed’s academic program definitely prepared me for college during the pandemic,” said Gabe. “I’m taking psychology courses online this summer, and I expect to easy adapt to them because I have the experience of controlling my own school schedule and studies.”