Xceed Information Packet

Thank you for taking a minute to download our Xceed Information Packet. It is full of detailed information that will help you understand how we carried on the best parts of the traditional school model and re-engineered the rest to support 21-century learning and innovation. Your resource is ready for you now:

If your child is struggling to succeed in the one-size-fits-everyone model of school we grew up with, Xceed Preparatory Academy has a lot to offer. 

“Competitive student athletes must strike a delicate balance between the time dedicated to training, traveling, and academics. At Xceed Preparatory Academy my daughter has been able to do this with the help of her teachers and the implementation of a personalized learning approach to academics. She now has the flexibility to train two sessions per day and travel to competitions around the world without compromising her educational goals … I am very satisfied with Xceed’s approach to academics and flexibility and highly recommend the school to any parent of a student that participates in sports at a competitive level.”

— An Xceed Parent

Read what other parents have to say about the difference we are making in their families and the lives of their students

We invite you to learn more about Xceed’s personalized approach and encourage you to come and tour one or more of our campuses to see a student-centric learning environment where your child can thrive.

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