Xceed Preparatory Academy International Student Application

Welcome to Xceed’s online application. Applications are reviewed once all of the following have been received:

  1. Answers to the Application Questions
  2. Application Fee
  3. Required Documents (listed below, submitted within 3 business days)

    For assistance, please contact the Admissions Office at 954-803-1230 or admissions@xceedprep.org.

Required Documents

The following Required Documents are to be emailed to admissions@xceedprep.org or brought directly to the school within 3 business days of submitting the online application. If emailing, please scan clear copies and include the Student’s Last Name within the Subject Line of the message.

  • Passport
  • Most Recent Middle School Report Cards (2 years) or High School Credit Course Transcript
  • High School Credit Course Transcript must be:
    • Translated to English
    • Include the school seal
    • Include the number of hours per course per week
    • Include a course catalogue, if available
    • Require Credit Evaluation ($500)Most Recent TOEFL or IELTS Report
  • Most Recent TOEFL or IELTS Report
  • Official Bank Statement, converted to US Dollars, confirming sufficient tuition and living expenses for one year
  • Student Assessment, if applicable (Example – IEP, 504 or Psychoeducational Evaluation)