Xceed Teacher Realized Her Love of Virtual Teaching During the Pandemic

During a very uncertain and chaotic time in education, social studies teacher Ruth De Peralta found clarity in her role as an educator. The switch to online learning was a confusing shift for many teachers—but not for De Peralta. As soon as she adjusted to her new teaching style, she realized she loved the virtual classroom and its abilities to enhance lessons for students.

At the time, De Peralta worked in a classical school, focusing on history, literature, and language studies while emphasizing Socratic critical thinking. Before that, she taught social studies at a private school for children with learning challenges. De Peralta enjoyed this style of instruction, so when she read about the flexibility of lesson planning at Xceed, she thought about how fulfilling it would be to combine her love of customized teaching with her classical approach to education.

“I loved the idea of meeting students where they are, on their individual levels, and customizing the curriculum to serve them best,” De Peralta recalled thinking when she first read about Xceed.

According to her, this teaching style lived up to her imagination and expectations, especially with the support she received from Xceed, which ensured her classes were setup for success.

“Dr. Lucy Oganezov, Head of Xceed Virtual School, was fantastic at introducing me to a range of tools and resources to help me succeed as a teacher while engaging our students,” De Peralta said.

As a mom herself, De Peralta understands what it’s like to be there as a parent and seeing a child struggle or soar in different classrooms. De Peralta first became a mother after graduating from the University of Philippines with a degree in journalism. As her kids got older, she began volunteering at their school and saw first-hand how a quality teacher made a powerful difference in her son’s life, and she decided she wanted to do the same. De Peralta began her new career in education, graduating from St. Johns River State College’s Educator Preparation Institute and earning her certification.

“At Xceed, your child receives the personal attention that helps them most, and your family has the flexibility to live together more fully. At Xceed, students don’t fall through the cracks because our teaching teams are very connected, and we are here to support each and every student,” she said.

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