Your College Counselor Launches YCC360°

We are proud to announce our partner Your College Counselor has launched YCC360°, a web-based, mobile-first solution for college guidance counselors and the students and parents they serve. Read more below.

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WESTON, Fla., March 28, 2018 — With college acceptances soon to be in hand for aspiring 2018 high school graduates, attention now turns to the Class of 2019 and beyond, who must find the help they need to identify, get into and pay less for college.

Enter YCC360°, a web-based, mobile-first solution for college guidance counselors and the students and parents they serve, which launches today and is now available across the U.S, as well as to international students wishing to study in the U.S.

The announcement was made by Peter and Jill Ratzan, co-creators of YCC360°, and co-founders of parent company Your College Concierge, Inc., the personalized college guidance business they have been operating since 2007.

“This is a very exciting day for our company, as it is the realization of our goal to create an evaluative tool that can bring much greater scale to the work we do on behalf of college guidance counselors, high school students and their families,” said Peter Ratzan, a successful independent educational consultant for more than a decade.  “YCC360° will allow us to support and create a much larger college-going community around the country, an aspiration of ours since day one.”

With YCC360°, counselors can assign tasks, automate calendar notifications, interact with students via secure messaging, track each student’s progress and share key documents.  Not only can college counselors communicate with and successfully support a large caseload of college-bound students of all ages and abilities, they can also help students figure out how they can afford college by making sure they have the tools they need to succeed when they get there.

“College planning requires more than just managing tasks, deadlines, testing, calendars or financial aid applications,” said Jill Ratzan, who has worked closely with her husband Peter to bring his college admissions and financing expertise to more schools, members of non-profit organizations, students and families. “It requires the right combination of differentiated learning resources and just-in-time attention.”

The YCC360° content library provides students and parents college planning help, customized for each grade level from 7th-12th grade.  Meanwhile, its web-based and mobile app gives each student the individual guidance he or she needs to find, get into and pay less for a great college education.

After beta testing and bringing YCC360° to clients such as Xceed Preparatory Academy in South Florida and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Your College Concierge is now ready to provide more counselors, students and parents the tools to track steps and communicate about college planning in a way that is personalized, but also at scale.

“Through offering a combination of Your College Concierge’s online and mobile applications, we have been able to modernize the delivery of post-secondary guidance to our high school students,” said Brent Goldman, Ed.D, President, Xceed Preparatory Academy. “With content, how-to tools, instruction and messaging, YCC360° enables our counselors to reach more students and positively impact college-going behavior.”

“Your College Concierge bridges the guidance gap and eliminates many of the barriers preventing young people we serve here in DC and Prince William County from accessing and affording a post-secondary education,” said Martin Alloy of The Alloy Family Foundation, Inc., whose investment has made possible the offering of the Your College Concierge service to students in the ACCE Program of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.  “YCC360° is the only solution that aggregates all the fragmented information, supports counselors and families from 7th grade through college, and provides a truly integrated college access and college funding curriculum.”

ABOUT YCC360°YCC360° is the new web-based, mobile-first solution for college admissions and financing created by Peter and Jill Ratzan, founders of Your College Concierge, Inc.  YCC360° brings to greater scale the college going advice and wisdom of Peter Ratzan, who has been advising students and their families since 2007.  Beta tested beginning in 2017 at Xceed Preparatory Academy in South Florida and at The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, YCC360° launched globally in March 2018.  To learn more, visit