Coral Springs Seniors Reflect on Their Time at Xceed

In advance of the May 18th graduation of our Xceed Preparatory Academy Coral Springs seniors, the students took a few minutes to reflect on their time at Xceed and what made it so special for them.

Senior Dawson Ritchey initially found Xceed while pursuing one passion and left with another.

“When I first found Xceed, I was in I was an equestrian and needed a more flexible schedule, along with more personalized teaching,” shared Dawson. “Throughout my time here, the school has helped me become so much more confident in my abilities, and I’ve pursued other passions. For example, I was able to paint the campus mural, and to show my artistic strengths.”

Other students, like Luca Salani, found Xceed because they were looking for an option to help better prepare them for college.

“I really wanted to get a more in-depth learning experience and prepare for college,” Luca noted. “The friendliness of the teachers and students was my favorite part and, overall, the school helped me to reach my college application goals.”

Senior Matthew Cote, who was featured in an Xceed blog post last year with his sister and fellow student, Alem, was a late addition to Coral Springs, having moved from Canada. But he was still able to quickly integrate into Xceed’s classes.

“It was so easy to communicate with my teachers,” Matthew pointed out. “Coming from another country during my junior year, Xceed provided me the opportunity to catch up with the credits I needed to graduate including during the summer.”

Classmate Peyton Davis agrees that Xceed’s framework is ideal. “I enrolled at Xceed because of its smaller classes and innovative learning style. I found that I loved learning at my pace versus the pace of others. If you like a personalized learning environment, Xceed is for you!”

We look forward to celebrating with these incredible seniors next month. In the meantime, be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we highlight their last few weeks on campus. And, if you’re interested in learning more about how Xceed’s educational model can meet the needs of your child, be sure to check out the rest of our site.