How creative writing brings a class together despite being hundreds of miles apart

“At Xceed, our education is individualized and personalized for each student— everyone learns differently,” Jeremy Kinsey, an English teacher at Xceed, said.

Mr. Kinsey is halfway through his second year at Xceed Preparatory Virtual School and has embraced the philosophy that curriculum is not one-size-fits-all. Formerly at a brick-and-mortar school, he can vouch for the difference the holistic approach at his new school makes in students’ success.

As an English teacher with a degree in Fiction, Mr. Kinsey appreciates the space for building a more creative curriculum. According to him, he likes to make his classes fun and engaging, incorporating topics from students’ lives like movies, shows and food.

“We get to do a lot more with creative writing at Xceed. A scary story assignment had the most engagement and participation because the students were really into it,” he said.

Creative writing has also been a tool to help him get to know his students. He noted that he has eclectic interests and finds he can relate to his students in many ways. And like many of his students, he was a high school athlete.

He is able to connect with them despite teaching from hundreds of miles away from some students. Currently, Mr. Kinsey lives in Oklahoma, the same state where he received his bachelor’s in English Education from the University of Central Oklahoma. He then earned his master’s in Fine Arts from New Mexico State University in Fiction and Prose.

Mr. Kinsey enjoys teaching at Xceed because of the eclectic group of students he gets to work with every day. While most of them already have their life goals in mind, he appreciates having the opportunity to assist them explore a wider world and where they fit into it.

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