Teacher Profile: L. Anderson

Xceed Preparatory Academy is more than a school; it’s a mindset, according to social studies teacher L. Anderson.

“When I first visited Xceed and spoke with Mr. Bass [Head of School], I was captivated by his dynamic experience and fell in love with Xceed’s philosophy of individualized education,” said L “I believe it’s on the cutting edge of education and the wave of the future.”

In his third year with Xceed teaching on the Weston campus, L says that his favorite part of his job is the students.

“The difference at Xceed is seeing the kids come through the door excited about the day. Most of the time, kids are ecstatic about a day off school, but it is the total opposite here,” he added. “Having kids excited about learning and the family-oriented environment is what drives me.”

Before joining Xceed, he taught at Kipp Charter School, a college preparatory institution focusing on preparing students from all educational backgrounds for college.

While L loves his experience at both institutions, he says Xceed allows him to work with students on a different level. Working with students one-on-one enables him to learn what drives them and better understand them as individuals.

“We are preparing them for college and ultimately for life,” he said.

L believes Xceed is the perfect environment for all students, and the personalized hybrid model is especially suited to students who may have challenges in a more traditional setting or elite athletes who need the flexibility to meet the demands of their training schedule.

“I recently received an email from a parent whose child was having challenges at her last school.  In the email, the dad mentioned he has never seen his daughter so excited to come to school and her performance is far above what it had been before attending Xceed,” he shared.

“While Xceed prepares students for the educational challenges of college, we’re also complimenting what parents are instilling in their children at home in terms of responsibility, time management, etc.” L added. “In conjunction with parental input, we try to empower students to own their educational journey.”

L became a teacher five years ago after spending 15 years in the military and a few years as a trainer in corporate America. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in political science and completed a master’s degree in business administration while in the military.

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